ESG Challenges, Tools and Outlook

"The State of ESG & Sustainability Reporting – Challenges, Tools & Outlook" addresses ESG reporting, how leading organizations approach it, their motivation for doing it, and the tools that they use.

Modeling, Modernization and Automation

"Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends" examines data warehouse and data vault adoption trends in modern analytics environments, including architecture types, priorities, and automation.

Hype or Reality?

This survey-based report examines the nature and current level of use of predictive planning and forecasting in companies worldwide.

Driving Innovation With AI

Based on a 2022 worldwide survey by BARC, this study focuses on DataOps and MLOps and their impact on the application of machine learning.

Organizations need to be more agile

A BARC survey reveals that nearly half of respondents report problems in adapting to changes in requirements coming from either the evolution of their business over time or from changes in source systems.

Data Governance Quiz

Interactive data governance quiz: test your knowledge and learn from BARC's research into the current status and actions of companies that have implemented or are planning to implement data governance.

North America is cloudier than Europe

A BARC survey reveals that North America has higher cloud BI usage than Europe and a higher percentage of companies committed to the cloud in general, and to cloud BI in particular.

Diversity of data lake usage

BARC's Hadoop Survey finds that data lakes are more likely to be deployed for preparing and using data in North America than in Europe.

The three main benefits of Hadoop

Hadoop’s greatest benefits lie in the analysis of heterogeneous data from divergent sources, the prediction of customer behaviors / customer retention and in increasing flexibility.

Companies Are Embracing the Cloud

Survey findings reveal companies' strategies, adoption and future plans around cloud business intelligence (BI). Based on an analysis of 400 organizations.

1 in 10 Companies Is Using Hadoop

Survey data reveals the current state and future plans for Hadoop initiatives in companies. Based on a global survey of over 380 participants.

Big Data Is A Job Engine

Survey results on how companies are financing big data projects, where investments are flowing, and how budgets are changing.

Trends in Financial Planning and Budgeting

Findings from the world's largest survey of planning users reveal which planning methods companies are using right now in their planning processes and which methods they are planning to use in the future.

Who Are the Big Data Thought Leaders?

A closer look at who the thought leaders are behind big data analytics initiatives. Our survey findings reveal the crucial role of management in driving this topic.

How Companies Benefit from Big Data

Over 40% of companies worldwide use big data analytics, and many are now enjoying a variety of benefits from big data, according to “Big Data Use Cases 2015 – Getting Real On Data Monetization“, published [...]