Automated security controls are another key aspect of security analytics solutions as identified in our Big Data and Information Security study. Identifying a security incident is just the first step of an analysis and remediation process, which with traditional security tools is largely manual and requires a highly skilled security analyst to perform properly.

By offering a significantly higher degree of automation than previous generation SIEM products, real-time intelligence solutions make it possible even for a non-technical person to make an informed choice from a list of actionable security alerts and thus initiate an automated incident response workflow, which does not only involve technical steps like blocking an infected workstation on the corporate firewall or disabling a rogue user account, but also a number of organizational, legal and even PR actions to contain every aspect of damage a breach may have caused.

Importance of automated controls powered by security analytics (n=  271)

As our survey indicates, the majority of the best-in-class respondents are already well aware of these developments and see automation as a very important aspect of security analytics solutions. Other companies are lagging behind somewhat, but only a tiny minority does not consider automated controls to be relevant at all.


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