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Buyers Guide Business Intelligence Software

The Ultimate Buyers Guide for Business Intelligence Software

Every company is unique and has its own particular software requirements. But despite this variety, companies tend to make the same mistakes during the BI software selection process.

This guide supports the process of selecting business intelligence (BI) software; recommending criteria to be used in the BI tool selection and how a multi-step process is key to the successful choice of a product that is fit for purpose. Using the experience of thousands of participants in The BI & Analytics Survey, this guide highlights common mistakes made by BI software buyers and advises how to avoid the pitfalls. However, it will not inform the reader which business intelligence tool to select, nor does it describe the relative merits and weaknesses of particular Business Intelligence tools.

Drawing on analysis of over 30,000 BI projects across a broad spectrum of industries and countries, this best practice buyers guide enables the reader to learn directly from these experiences.

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Research on Business Intelligence

BI & Analytics Survey Findings

This series explores key findings from the world’s largest survey of business intelligence software users, supplemented by in-depth expert commentary.

These articles leverage over 20 years of survey-based market research to analyze market trends and debunk many of the myths surrounding the business intelligence industry. Unlike much analyst research, The BI & Analytics Survey is not based on anecdotal accounts or on the personal opinion of a small number of individuals.

The BI & Analytics Survey results reveal detailed information on users’ experiences in the selection, implementation and usage of their business intelligence tools, providing must-have facts and data on real-world business intelligence software usage.

This series consists of the following articles:

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The market for BI and data management is constantly changing. Business intelligence trends come and go, and one of our tasks as an industry analyst is to highlight and predict important topics and growth areas.

Now in its twentieth edition, The BI & Analytics Survey not only measures current developments in the BI space, but also patterns and trends since 2002. Every year, the questionnaire is updated to gauge end-user feedback on current hot topics and technologies.

This gives you the unique opportunity to follow how the Business Intelligence and Analytics space has developed and see where it is headed in a number of key areas.

This series offers research-backed insights into the major BI and analytics trends from an end user, consultant and vendor perspective.

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BI Tool Knowledge

Business Intelligence Software Basics

The term business intelligence software is widely used, but its true meaning is not always fully appreciated. Most business people only have a very broad understanding of the term, which encompasses a variety of different BI tools.

It’s no surprise that potential buyers are often confused because so many different tools are labeled with the same name: business intelligence software.

Therefore this article series sets out to provide the reader with a broad understanding of the scope of business intelligence. It covers what business intelligence software is, and what types of BI tools are available.

Readers should use it as a guide to understanding the various flavors of business intelligence software available. We recommend this as essential reading in the early stages of your BI tool selection project.

Business Intelligence Basic Knowledge