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Big Data Security Analytics is Gaining Traction

Survey findings show how important big data security analytics is for companies.

Best-in-Class Companies Favor Specialized Software in their Planning and Budgeting Processes

Survey data from BARC's worldwide Planning Survey show which software tools are used in the planning and budgeting process.

Twice as Many Hadoop Installations in North America as in Europe

Survey data showing the differences in Hadoop usage between regions and company sizes.

What Are the Hottest IT Trends in Business?

Survey findings on which IT trends are the most relevant ones. Based on survey responses from 330 companies.

How to Find the Planning and Budgeting Solution That Best Fits Your Needs [Infographic]

Findings from 1,300 planning software selection projects.

Best-in-Class Companies Are Making Extensive Use of Their Planning Products

Results from BARC's worldwide Planning Survey reveal which usage scenarios companies use with their planning and budgeting solutions.

1 in 10 Companies Is Using Hadoop

Survey data reveals the current state and future plans for Hadoop initiatives in companies. Based on a global survey of over 380 participants.

How Companies Are Using Planning and Budgeting Software

Results from BARC's worldwide Planning Survey reveal the usage scenarios in which companies deploy their planning and budgeting solutions today

Big Data Initiatives Are On The Rise Across The Enterprise

Survey data showing the different departments where companies are using, or planning to use, big data analytics.

The Need For More Collaboration in the Decision-Making Process

The results of a worldwide survey reveal what BI professionals think about collaborative decision-making in their organization.