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The Most Important Purchasing Criteria for Planning and Budgeting Software

Results from BARC's worldwide Planning Survey show the criteria companies use to choose their planning and budgeting software.

The Most Common Business Intelligence Problems – 2,500 User Responses Analyzed

This article provides an insight into the challenges in implementing business intelligence solutions facing organizations of varying sizes across different geographic regions and industries.

Big Data Analysis of Practically All Data Types is on the Rise

BARC research reveals which data types organizations are currently using for big data analytics and which types they are planning to use.

Where and How People Collaborate in Business

The results of a worldwide survey of 743 BI and analytics professionals show how and where people collaborate in business.

How Planning and Budgeting Software Is Selected

Results from The Planning Survey reveal how companies select their planning and budgeting tool and what best-in-class companies do differently to other organizations.

Best-in-Class Companies Rely on Defined and Pervasively Used KPIs

The results of a worldwide survey of 743 BI and analytics professionals show how many companies define - and pervasively use - KPIs.

How to Improve Your Data With Data Quality and Master Data Management [Interactive]

This article defines data quality and master data management, explains why they are important and illustrates some of the best practices for improving data quality

Which BI and Data Management Tools Do Companies Deploy in the Cloud?

Survey results revealing which BI and data management technologies companies deploy in the cloud.

Best-in-Class Companies Capitalize on Planning and Budgeting Trends

BARC's worldwide survey of planning software users shows which planning and budgeting trends best-in-class companies are adopting and benefiting from.

The Benefits of Business Intelligence… Why Do Organizations Need BI?

Survey analysis shows the benefits BI software really delivers, how goals and investment in BI use cases are shifting and how satisfied BI users are.