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Reporting is used in almost every company

A BARC survey about interactive storytelling reveals that classic BI is still dominant when it comes to distilling insights from data.

Understanding the Vendor Perspective

This article describes the view of the vendors in BI projects and shows differences in the perception compared to the users' experience.

How to manage data governance: What’s your data strategy?

Data is everywhere. With the growing interconnectedness of people, companies and devices, data governance is becoming an increasingly important discipline.

How to modernize and optimize your enterprise reporting [Infographic]

This study investigates challenges with information delivery and how organizations plan to improve their enterprise reporting.

Creating a data-driven culture: Why it is becoming increasingly important

Creating a data-driven culture is among the top business intelligence trends right now. But what is a data-driven culture? And why does it matter so much?

The Real BI Trends in 2020: What 2,865 BI Professionals Think

We asked nearly 2,900 BI professionals including 2,178 BI users, 376 BI consultants and 239 BI vendors for their views on the most important BI trends. See the results here.

Big Data and Information Security Analytics Part I

The BARC Big Data Analytics study examines the importance, current status, developments, benefits and challenges of big data security analytics initiatives.

Comparison of the Best Data Management Tools of 2019

Featuring high-level comparisons of data management products based on user ratings and BARC analyst expertise.

Data Governance [interactive]

Interactive data governance quiz: test your knowledge and learn from BARC's research into the current status and actions of companies that have implemented or are planning to implement data governance.

How do companies monetize their data? [Video & Infographic]

Video and infographic offering insights into how European companies are approaching data monetization. Based on a sample of 200 participants.