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Traditional security with a universally high adoption across all sectors

Traditional security products like firewalls or endpoint security solutions have a higher adoption rate through all sectors than advanced solutions.

Small companies more likely to implement BI tools and data warehouses in the cloud

A BARC Survey reveals that small companies are more likely than large or mid-sized companies to implement BI tools and data warehouses in the cloud.

Best-in-class companies use whole spectrum of big data technologies

Looking at the list of big data technologies companies are using, the divide between best-in-class companies and laggards is extremely evident.

The Real BI Trends in 2019: What 2,679 BI Professionals Think

We asked nearly 2,700 BI professionals including 2,130 BI users, 337 BI consultants and 212 BI vendors for their views on the most important BI trends. See the results here.

Users view Hadoop as a technology for implementing new types of use cases

A BARC survey reveals that users view Hadoop as a potential technology for implementing new types of use cases that were not possible with their previous systems.

Data integration is equally important across all company sizes

A BARC survey shows that data integration between on-premises and cloud applications is ranked an equally important use case across all company sizes.

Comparison of the Best Business Intelligence Software Products in 2019

Featuring high-level comparisons of business intelligence products based on end-user ratings and BARC analyst expertise.

BI implementation, usage & satisfaction (part 1)

This article provides advice on how to implement BI software. Based on data from over 2,500 projects.

Security remains the biggest obstacle to implementing cloud BI

A BARC survey reveals that security is the biggest challenge to cloud BI deployments, followed by legal issues, such as privacy regulations, and performance.

Diversity of data lake usage

BARC's Hadoop Survey finds that data lakes are more likely to be deployed for preparing and using data in North America than in Europe.