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Press and media the key sources of increased awareness of cyber threats

Big Data and Information Security survey reveals the main drivers of the increased awareness regarding cyber threats and risks.

What you need to know about Integrated Business Intelligence and Performance Management [Interactive]

This article defines integrated BI and PM, shows why it matters and gives you advice on what to consider when selecting a suitable software solution.

More than half of companies run BI tools and servers in the cloud

Companies are more likely to run BI components in the cloud than implement data warehouses, data marts and data integration tasks there.

Commercial Software and In-House Hadoop Distributions Are The First Choice for Implementations

Survey reveals that almost a third of participants surveyed use commercial products or Hadoop distributions to implement Hadoop projects.

2/3 of companies think that security threats have increased in the past 12 months

Survey explores how companies estimate the change in the number of security threats within the last year.

High Relevance of Data Integration in the Cloud

A large percentage of organizations use the cloud to integrate cloud applications with each other and with on-premises applications.

What Are the Right Criteria for Choosing BI Software? Lessons Learned from Over 2,500 BI Projects

This article provides an analysis of the selection criteria which yield the highest benefits in BI implementations. Based on data from over 2,500 projects.

BI competence centers and data science teams are driving Hadoop initiatives

Survey data examining the differences of Hadoop drivers between regions.

Digital security threats: A part of daily business

This survey assesses the current situation of companies in the area of digital security threats.

Power Users Dominate Cloud BI

Survey findings reveal the types of users who most often use cloud BI.