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The Role of Data in Today’s Enterprises

Companies are increasingly aligning their actions in decision-making processes to the growing significance of data.

How Long Do Organizations Need to Implement a Planning Solution?

Results from BARC's worldwide Planning Survey reveal how long organizations need to implement their planning and budgeting solutions.

Advanced and Predictive Analytics: An Introduction [Interactive]

What is advanced and predictive analytics and why is it important? Learn about the challenges it presents as well as some of the common technologies and tools.

Comparison of the Best Planning and Budgeting Tools of 2017

Featuring high-level comparisons of planning and budgeting products based on user ratings and BARC analyst expertise.

Insufficient Skills Are Curbing The Big Data Boom

Survey results highlight the biggest challenges companies are facing with their big data analytics.

How Decision-Making Styles Affect Information Culture

The results of a worldwide survey of 743 BI professionals show how different decision-making styles correlate with the information culture of organizations.

The Value of a Formal Software Evaluation

In-depth analysis based on over 2,500 BI projects worldwide describes why you always should opt for a formal software selection process.

How Best-in-Class Companies Buy Planning and Budgeting Solutions

Results from BARC's worldwide Planning Survey show the criteria best-in-class companies use to select their planning and budgeting solutions.

Big Data Is A Job Engine

Survey results on how companies are financing big data projects, where investments are flowing, and how budgets are changing.

Analytical Databases: What Are They and Why Are They Important? [Interactive]

This article defines analytical databases, explains why they are important and looks at the benefits and challenges they present.