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Hadoop Use Cases Still Cover a Broad Spectrum, With Big Differences Between North America and Europe

Survey data revealing how Hadoop is being used in companies.

Data Governance: Definition, Challenges & Best Practices [Interactive]

What is data governance and why is it important? Learn about the challenges it presents and pick up some best practice advice.

1 in 2 Companies is Planning to Deploy Big Data Security Analytics

Survey findings reveal the current level of companies' usage of, and plans for, big data security analytics.

The Majority of Organizations Use the Cloud to Deliver Reports and Dashboards

Survey findings show how companies make use of the cloud.

How To Refine Data Into Value: Data Preparation in Business Departments [Infographic]

Infographic on how companies are using and benefiting from data preparation

Transactional Data is the Most Commonly Used Data Type in Hadoop

A BARC survey reveals the data types used in Hadoop applications.

Only 13% of Organizations Think Their Big Data Security Analytics Skills Are Much Better Than Their Competitors

Survey findings on how companies rate their big data security analytics skills.

Companies Are Embracing the Cloud

Survey findings reveal companies cloud strategies, adoption and future plans.

Hadoop Usage is No Longer Limited to Batch Applications

Survey data revealing the frequency of data processing in Hadoop applications.

The BI Software Selection Process – What the data from over 2,500 BI projects tells us

The article provides help to buyers in the form of information on products that respondents evaluated, their license purchase cost levels, and the factors that ultimately influenced their selection decisions.