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Almost half of users worldwide confirm the benefits of data lakes

BARC survey reveals that the concept is of data lakes is relevant. 47 percent of users worldwide confirm the benefits of data lakes.

Best-in-class companies use a wide range of security technologies

Best-in-class companies understand that only a multi-layered, well-integrated security architecture can protect their assets from multiple attack vectors.

Organizations embrace the cloud to gain greater flexibility and lower costs

Flexibility and lower cost are the two biggest reasons why companies run BI in the cloud, followed by scalability, speed and reduced hardware/software maintenance.

Mobile Business Intelligence: What it is and how it works

This article sets out to define Mobile BI, explain the technologies behind it and show how companies can benefit from using it.

The three main benefits of Hadoop

Hadoop’s greatest benefits lie in the analysis of heterogeneous data from divergent sources, the prediction of customer behaviors / customer retention and in increasing flexibility.

A substantial percentage of companies already collect raw security data from multiple sources

BARC's survey results indicate that a substantial percentage of the companies are already collecting raw security data from multiple sources.

Customer intelligence and predictive analytics are the most common Hadoop use cases

BARC survey reveals that customer intelligence and predictive analysis are by far the most common Hadoop use cases.

Benefits from big data security analytics are high

Big Data and Information Security survey reveals that over 70% of respondents see benefits from implementing big data security analytics.

Almost two-thirds of companies let their BI vendor host their cloud implementation

BARC's BI and Data Management in the Cloud survey reveals that the public cloud is the preferred deployment platform for cloud BI compared to less than a third (30%) for hybrid cloud and 24% for private cloud.

Success Factors in Implementing Business Intelligence Applications

This article provides an analysis of the success factors in BI implementations. Based on data from over 2,500 projects.