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How to Improve Your Data With Data Quality and Master Data Management [Interactive]

This article defines data quality and master data management, explains why they are important and illustrates some of the best practices for improving data quality

Which BI and Data Management Tools Do Companies Deploy in the Cloud?

Survey results revealing which BI and data management technologies companies deploy in the cloud.

Best-in-Class Companies Capitalize on Planning and Budgeting Trends

BARC's worldwide survey of planning software users shows which planning and budgeting trends best-in-class companies are adopting and benefiting from.

The Benefits of Business Intelligence… Why Do Organizations Need BI?

Survey analysis shows the benefits BI software really delivers, how goals and investment in BI use cases are shifting and how satisfied BI users are.

Who Manages and Governs Data for Decision-Making?

A worldwide survey of 743 BI and analytics professionals reveals who is in charge of data governance in companies.

Comparing and Selecting BI Software: The Six Most Important Things We’ve Learned [Infographic]

In this infographic, we identify six points of best practice that participants in The BI Survey consistently reinforce year after year.

Big Data Benefits Exceed Expectations

A worldwide survey of 559 BI and analytics professionals reveals the real-world value of Big Data Analytics. The benefits exceed expectations.

Self-Service BI: An Overview [Interactive]

Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) has been on organizations’ wish lists for a long time, and data from the BARC BI Trend Monitor 2017 confirms that it is still a high priority. This article identifies the pitfalls to avoid when implementing SSBI.

Trends in Financial Planning and Budgeting

Findings from the world's largest survey of planning users reveal which planning methods companies are using right now in their planning processes and which methods they are planning to use in the future.

How Many Data Sources Do Companies Rely On For Decision-Making?

Survey findings on the number of internal and external data sources companies are using for decision-making.