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Companies Still Rely Heavily on Standard BI Tools for Big Data Analytics, but Change Is in the Air

The current market for these technologies is highly dynamic and many big data tools promise a broad spectrum of benefits. But which technologies have made their way into organizations, and which ones are on the radar for the future?

Excel Users Experience Many More Problems Than Users of Specialist Planning Products

Analysis showing the most common problems encountered by planning software users on a day-to-day basis.

How Much of the Information Available to Businesses Is Actually Used?

Companies amass large amounts of data from multiple sources, but how much of it do they actually use to support decision-making?

Data Discovery: A Closer Look at One of 2017’s Most Important BI Trends [Interactive]

What is data discovery and why is it important? This interactive article reveals what BI professionals think, how adoption has evolved and the tools used.

Who Are the Big Data Thought Leaders?

A closer look at who the thought leaders are behind big data analytics initiatives. Our survey findings reveal the crucial role of management in driving this topic.

Big Data Security Analytics: A Weapon Against Rising Cyber Security Attacks? [Video & Infographic]

The ongoing digitalization of the business world is putting companies at risk of cyber attacks more than ever before. Big data analysis has the potential to offer protection against these attacks. This infographic shows what real-world companies are thinking and doing with regard to big data security analytics.

User Recommendation: The Difference Between Excel and Specialized Planning Products

What proportion of business users say they would recommend their specialized planning solution (as opposed to Excel) to a similar company?

We Surveyed Over 2,500 BI Users to Answer the Question: Is Pervasive BI a Reality?

An analysis of BI deployments, product usage and penetration in companies of varying sizes and geographical locations. We compare how widely products are deployed, where they are applied, and analyze the frequency of BI usage across business functions.

How Many Business Decisions Are Based On Gut Feel Rather Than Data?

We asked nearly 700 business decision-makers what proportion of their decisions are based more on gut feel or experience than on data or information. See the results here.

Why Companies Use Big Data Analytics

Organizations use big data analytics for a variety of reasons. This article identifies the most important ones.