Classic BI is still dominant when it comes to distilling insights from data. Standard or enterprise reporting is used in almost every company (95 percent) leaving little room for improvement. Dashboards, which also deliver a strong information push, are available in most companies as well (82 percent).

Model-based analysis like OLAP analysis on cubes or ad hoc analysis based on semantic models provides greater flexibility for end users to pull information out of their information landscape.

While the need for tool support in traditional areas seems to be mostly satisfied, companies are now planning to invest more in modern approaches. Self-service BI and data discovery have already gained in relevance in today’s analytical landscapes with nearly half of those surveyed already providing self-service capabilities to their users.

Despite this broad usage, companies are still willing to expand end user-driven content creation towards a stronger democratization of data access with the ultimate goal of getting the most out of their data.

                       Which analytical formats does your company currently use, or plan to use in the future? (n=249)


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