North America has embraced the cloud more fully than Europe at this time. It is more committed to a cloud strategy and has double the rate of “high” usage of the cloud compared to Europe. It also has a higher percentage of companies that are strategically committed to cloud BI to a high degree, and it has higher usage as well. This is no surprise since North America is home to many cloud software firms and has traditionally been a fast adopter of new technologies compared to Europe.

Cloud computing strategy by region (n=340)

Cloud usage by region (n=365)

Cloud BI strategy by region (n=365)

Cloud BI components by region (n=341)

Both North America and Europe are more likely to use public cloud platforms than either private or hybrid platforms. But Europe shows a decidedly greater use of private cloud platforms than North America.

Cloud platform by region (n=161)

North American organizations are much more willing to let vendors play a greater role in their cloud BI solutions than European companies. They are more likely to trust vendors to host the BI solution and manage and run the environment.

Vendor role by region (n=159)


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