Our Big Data Security Analytics survey shows that companies are well aware of the importance of big data security analytics.

Still, when looking at the percentage of respondents that have already deployed big data security analytics solutions or at least already have a strategy for them, the numbers indicate a very positive trend.

The current state of and future plans for big data security analytics

Organizations that have already implemented big data security analytics (n=292)

Although only 24% of participants already have solutions in place, over 50% are planning to deploy them in the future.

However, taking into account the fact that one of the key advantages of many real-time security intelligence products currently available on the market is their quick and easy deployment (either on-premises on completely in the cloud) with no need for a complicated initial setup and training process, it’s somewhat surprising that many companies do not consider them as obvious quick wins, which could address their most critical security challenges. Vendor marketing departments should take a hint here.

It is also somewhat surprising to see that nearly a quarter of participants do not consider security analytics to be a necessary component of their security strategies. Unfortunately, many of these companies are going to learn the hard way how dangerous this assumption can be.


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