A look at the breakdown of the importance of big data security analytics across different industries reveals several interesting points. For example, above all industries, telcos view big data security analytics as most important to their business. This is actually not that surprising since telecommunications companies have to deal with huge and constantly growing amounts of digital assets, many of them classified as sensitive and tightly regulated, such as customers’ personally identifiable information, billing and other financial data.

relevance of big data security analytics for different industries

Breakdown of importance of big data security analytics across different industries (n=326)

Of notable interest is the high level of awareness in the public sector. This can be explained again by the need to deal with citizens’ personally identifiable information and the general requirement to follow guidelines issued by other government agencies like NIST in the United States.

Unfortunately, manufacturing companies lag significantly behind other sectors in recognizing the relevance of security analytics. This is a symptom of the manufacturing industry’s historical focus on human safety and production process continuity, with less regard to information security. A massive paradigm shift is required for information security to be taken more seriously, and we can only hope that this happens before any major problems arise from insufficient security.


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