Big data analyses quite clearly deliver big benefits to companies already using them today. The following chart shows the different departments where companies are using, or planning to use, big data analytics.

Departments where big data is used

In which areas does your company use, or plan to use, big data analysis? (n=423)

What is notable is that almost every department conducts big data analyses. Big data, therefore, is a truly universal topic across the organization.

The frontrunners are marketing (25 percent) and sales (23 percent), both of which are customer-centric departments. These departments, along with customer service, also have the highest short-term rates for planned projects.

It should also be noted that the short and long-term rates for planned projects are extremely high for all departments. This is another indication that awareness of the benefits of big data is not just growing, but that companies are starting to act so they too can enjoy those benefits.


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