A lack of professional (54 percent) and technical (50 percent) know-how top the list of challenges to Hadoop implementations in BARC’s ‘Hadoop and Data Lakes’ survey.

A regional comparison offers further insights. A lack of know-how to use new findings from data research (50 percent) was more frequently viewed as a challenge in Europe. North American participants, in contrast, had more problems with a lack of sponsors and support from executive level (36 percent) and the usability of Hadoop (26 percent).

Challenges when implementing Hadoop (n=309)

It seems that while many talk about Hadoop, few use it. And those who do apparently do not want to talk about it. That is understandable. After all, Hadoop is all about gaining a competitive advantage, which the results of this survey confirm. The market still lacks professional experience, security and especially knowledge when it comes to Hadoop.

Concerns about the Hadoop system, such as data protection and security, were only listed as a challenge by 22 percent of respondents. Broken down by industry, data security was cited as a concern primarily in finance (33 percent) and the public sector (38 percent), but less so in the manufacturing/processing industries (18 percent) and retail (11 percent).


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