The public cloud is the preferred deployment platform for cloud BI. Fewer deployments run on private clouds inside corporate data centers or hybrid clouds that straddle both on-premises and public cloud platforms. Public clouds make it easy and relatively inexpensive to run BI in the cloud. And many companies are recognizing that their data may be more secure in a public cloud than in their own data centers.

What type of cloud infrastructure do you use to support your BI and data management initiative? TechTarget 2013 (n=278), BARC 2016 (n=163)

In contrast, private and hybrid clouds don’t deliver the primary benefit of the cloud—the elimination of on-premises computing infrastructure. In addition, hybrid clouds are complex to manage and raise security concerns when cloud BI applications tunnel through corporate firewalls to access on-premises systems. However, we expect a growth in hybrid cloud computing as more large organizations transition to the cloud.


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