The vast majority of respondents to BARC’s Big Data and Security Analytics survey, even those who do not yet feel personally targeted by cyber-threats, already have a strong understanding of the potential benefits of implementing big data security analytics as part of a strategy to detect and respond to those threats.

Perceived profits from implementing big data security analytics (n=271)

In total, nearly 90% of the “best-in-class” participants (those who have a better understanding of information security challenges than their competitors) believe that security analytics can bring substantial profits for their companies, including not just better protection against cyber-attacks, but also better compliance postures and a reduction in the cost and administrative effort required to manage their security infrastructures.

Such consistency on this issue from thought leaders across various industries is to be expected. However, more surprising and encouraging is the fact that even among the “laggards” who don’t have up-to-date experience with modern security technologies, only 5% do not recognize any profit in implementing security analytics.

A substantial majority (over 70%) of respondents, including even those who do not yet have a budget or a strategy for deploying a security analytics solution, already have a firm understanding of its potential business benefits.


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