Selecting a planning and budgeting software can be a challenging task. It is easy to get confused with such an abundance of available planning and budgeting products, the manifold promises of the software vendors which often sound too good to be true, and the variety of existing information on software.

Since every company has very specific needs, some will benefit greatly from one product while another product may be a better fit for others. This situation makes software selection especially challenging, so it is prudent not to focus so much on what the majority views as the best planning and budgeting tool on the market but rather on the process of how to find the best tool for one’s needs. So what should organizations look out for when selecting a planning and budgeting software product?

It is always wise to learn from the best by looking at what successful companies have done. How did they identify the most suitable planning and budgeting tool for their company?

This is where The Planning Survey comes in. We analyzed 1,300 software selection projects to find out what best-in-class companies are doing differently when choosing their planning and budgeting software product. The following infographic reveals our most important findings.

Infographic on how to find the best planning and budgeting tool


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