The data companies are using for big data analysis reflects the widespread use of standard BI technologies in big data.

Analysis on which data types are used for big data analytics

Which of the following data types does your company use for big data analysis? (n=208)

Among companies that already use big data analytics, data from transaction systems is the most common type of data analyzed (64 percent). This data often plays a crucial role both alone and in combination with other data sources. Log files from IT systems (59 percent) are also widely used, most likely from IT departments to analyze their system landscapes.

Analysis of practically all types of data is on the rise, offering proof that companies are increasingly aware of their data’s value and want to utilize it accordingly.

Unstructured data, such as documents/text or social media and streaming data, rank highest for planned usage. There is also a correlation between customer-centric use cases that frequently use these data types and the planned usage of technologies that make this data easier to use.


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