We asked the respondents to our Hadoop and Data Lakes survey what types of data they use in their Hadoop applications. More than half of respondents (53 percent) use transactional data, followed by log data (40 percent) and clickstream data/web analytics (33 percent).

Survey data on tata types used in Hadoop apps

Data types in Hadoop applications (n=143)

More than a quarter (27 percent) use documents and text files in Hadoop applications. This seems surprisingly high in comparison to the findings of BARC studies in recent years. A closer look at the responses for planned usage reveals ambitious endeavors in almost every data category.

The findings show that Hadoop is a potential technology for processing all types of data. It can also be assumed that Hadoop primarily uses data that can also be used in traditional platforms. If data volumes or types do not play a role, the reasons for using Hadoop still remain open. Cost, functionality for particular use cases, know-how and the availability of a technical infrastructure or existing IT processes, however, are also points to examine.


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