When it comes to improving flexibility and agility in the analytical landscape, the cloud has an important role to play.

The following chart illustrates how companies view this topic by showing which technologies they operate in the cloud, which ones they plan to or could conceivably run in the cloud as well as those they cannot imagine deploying there.

Survey data showing which business intelligence and data management tools are deployed in the cloud

Which of the following technologies do you use, or can you envision using, in a cloud environment? (n=454)

Companies most frequently use relational databases (26 percent) – in other words, a technology that they know and can gauge as a whole. However, most analytics and data management technologies are rarely deployed in the cloud and even planned investments are relatively meager for all technologies.

It also seems that organizations fall into one of two groups. Approximately half are generally open to operating big data technologies in the cloud while the other half cannot even conceive of it.


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