Customer intelligence/experience projects (32 percent), closely followed by predictive analytics projects (31 percent), are the most popular use cases in Hadoop deployments according to a survey conducted by BARC.

Use cases for Hadoop projects (n=148)

Organizations typically have vast amounts of data on customers, their behavior and channels. As customers were at the heart of the debate when the hype around big data really kicked in a few years ago, lots of customer intelligence applications, such as next-best offers in web portals and POS data analysis, are already in production.

Predictive analysis has many use cases as well. Viewed as the epitome of explorative analysis, it helps uncover the hidden potential in data.

An analysis of use cases by company size uncovers more findings:

  • Small companies focus much more on technical use cases such as data warehouse offloading.

  • Customer intelligence is a major topic in midsize companies while predictive analysis is more often the focus of large companies.

  • Midsize and large companies use significantly more clickstream, sensor and social media data.


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