We have seen in an earlier article that a collaborative/democratic decision culture correlates with a good information culture, but we also wanted to know explicitly whether respondents to our Information Culture Survey thought their organizations would perform better if more people participated in a more collaborative decision-making approach.

The results were surprisingly clear.

Data showing collaborative decision-making

Would your organization perform better with a more collaborative decision-making? Total and by best-in-class, style of decision-making and region (n=692)

On average 69% of respondents think their organizations would perform better with more participation and collaboration in the decision-making process.

Furthermore, over 75% of people in laggard companies and businesses with top- down cultures or undefined decision-making approaches feel strongly that they would achieve greater success with more collaborative decision-making.

We urge organizations to immediately look into ways to change their decision culture and improve collaboration. This is the route to unlocking the potential of collective intelligence and achieving the information culture required to address one of the key challenges in business today: turning information into a competitive advantage.


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