Companies are embracing the cloud in general, and cloud BI in particular. Our survey on BI and data management in the cloud reveals that one quarter of companies (25%) are fully committed to cloud computing, while a slightly higher percentage (28%) view the cloud as strategic to their BI and data management programs.

Adoption and strategy of cloud BI

This commitment has translated into significant growth in the use of cloud BI, which has risen from 29% to 43% in three years, an increase of 48%.

It should be noted that this survey is not fully representative. Results from The BI Survey, which focuses on BI front ends and large installed bases of BI products, indicate that adoption has risen slowly in recent years to its current level of 12%. By contrast, this report covers all cloud components (including data management) and represents a sample with a high level of interest in the cloud.

In the next twelve months, more than two-thirds (69%) of companies plan to increase their use of cloud BI and more than one quarter of companies that haven’t yet implemented cloud BI say they will do so. Based on current trends, this momentum should take adoption beyond 50% by 2018 .


BI and Data Management in the Cloud Report

Use Cases, Benefits and Challenges

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