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  • BI Product

    Bissantz DeltaMaster

    Bissantz & Company was founded in 1996 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company initially specialized in solutions for sophisticated data analysis tasks in business environments. Today, it has approximately 100 employees based in three locations in [...]

  • BI Product

    cubus outperform

    Founded in 1992 and based near Stuttgart, Germany, cubus currently has approximately 35 employees. According to its own accounts, more than 350 companies from various different industries use cubus’ software.  [...]

  • BI Product


    Founded in the Netherlands by a team of finance and enterprise performance management (EPM) professionals in 2007, CXO-Cockpit currently has 40 employees and a global customer base of over 80 multinational corporations, mostly based in the EMEA region. Both its [...]

  • BI Product


    prevero was originally founded in 1994. The company is based in Munich, Germany, and has a workforce of more than 160 employees mainly in Europe (including 20-30 in research and development) as well as an [...]

  • BI Product

    Pyramid Analytics BI Office Suite

    Pyramid Analytics was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Amsterdam. It is a privately held company and has about 200 employees. The vendor also has offices in the UK, France and USA. Research and [...]

  • Longview (arcplan)

    arcplan Enterprise / Edge

    Founded in Germany in 1993, arcplan currently has 100 employees. The company serves over 3,200 clients worldwide from its headquarters in Langenfeld, Germany, as well as further offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with approximately 50 percent of its [...]

  • BOARD International


    BOARD was founded in 1994 and employs approximately 220 people worldwide. Both its head office and software development headquarters (employing 30 people) are located in Chiasso, Switzerland. BOARD has offices in 16 countries and a partner network in over 30 [...]

  • Cubeware

    Cubeware CSP C8

    Founded in 1997 and based in Rosenheim, Germany, Cubeware currently has more than 125 employees in five German offices as well as subsidiaries in the DACH region, San Jose (USA) and Bangalore (India, offshore development). In July 2008 Cubeware was [...]

  • Jedox

    Jedox Suite

    Established in 2002, Jedox has grown into a team of 130 employees, including 40-50 in research and development. The vendor serves clients worldwide from its headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, and via its partner network. According [...]


    TARGIT Decision Suite

    TARGIT is a privately held Denmark-based BI software company that launched its flagship Decision Suite product in 1996. With more than 5,000 customers across the world, TARGIT is ideal for mid-size companies seeking a one-size-fits-all [...]