[The BI Survey 18 results, not included in The BI Survey 19] sales-i is a business intelligence solution targeted at sales departments of manufacturing, distributing and wholesales industries. The aim of sales-i is to combine transactional data and customer information from enterprise systems and to provide support for sales teams in their daily business.

sales-i was founded 2008 in Birmingham, UK, and its headquarters are currently in nearby Solihull. The vendor has two additional offices in the US and Australia. sales-i, its eponymous sales software, aims to accelerate sales revenues by acting as an assistant to salespeople.

sales-i is a BI solution strongly focused on sales departments and is designed to support the everyday sales business. It comes with built in CRM functionality to store and manage customer data within the sales analysis solution. To cater for organizations with a CRM system already installed, sales-i integrates with systems such as Salesforce and SugarCRM as well.

On the back end, sales-i has a client-server architecture based on a Microsoft SQL Server database. The clients are built using .NET.

sales-i is designed especially to support sales people in their daily business by offering dashboarding, reporting and analysis capabilities. To increase sales performance, the system offers the opportunity to alert users on changes in customers’ behavior. Sales people can react to avoid missing opportunities and to increase cross-sales activities. The system offers capabilities to generate simple reports customized by a salesperson.

User & Use Cases

sales-i is used as a dashboarding solution by 91 percent of respondents. Standard/enterprise reporting follows with 76 percent and ad hoc query with 74 percent. A minority uses the tool for advanced analysis and for visualizing information in financial consolidation processes.

The median number of users is 17, which is well below The BI Survey average of 75. The main reason for this is its broad usage in small companies with less than 100 employees. The system is also in use in mid-sized companies (41 percent) but has no customers in large organizations among the participants in this year’s BI Survey.

Most users use sales-i to view information, to navigate data and also to create reports, which is peformed by an impressive 91 percent of respondents. ‘View’ and ‘navigate’ tasks are also carried out by 91 percent of users, while only a few model or enrich data with sales-i.

Compared to most BI tools, sales-i is used by more employees per company than the average in The BI Survey 18.

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Peer Groups
Number of responses34
OfficesSolihull, UK; Chicago, IL, USA; Sydney, Australia
Employees80-100 approx.
Revenues (2017)Undisclosed