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Founded in 2000, McLean, Virginia-based Logi Analytics (Logi) initially sold development tools for building web-based applications. Today, the company serves about 2,200 customers worldwide. Its strongest footprint is in EMEA and North America. However, partnerships in Asia/Australia and other regions contribute to a broader global coverage.

Logi was acquired in 2017 by Marlin Equity Partners, a private equity firm, with a view to growing the company. Following this, the vendor streamlined its messaging and offering solely for the embedded software market.

The Logi Analytics platform focuses on the creation of reports, dashboards, visualizations and predictive insights which can be embedded in commercial software or other applications. Logi applications are developed by application teams including the likes of product managers, developers and application owners. Once built, they are used by non-technical end users from different departments from office to operational staff. The platform is enhanced with self-service and predictive features which can be built into Logi applications.

To provide the broader toolset required in modern embedded scenarios, the vendor recently acquired Zoomdata and Jinfonet Software.

Jinfonet is also strongly focused on the embedded market. Its JReport product is a reporting solution which enables users to create and distribute pixel-perfect and highly formatted reports. With this solution, Logi has broadened its focus to better support the highly formatted recurring reporting needs of its customers.

Zoomdata is a modern software which is particularly well known for its provision of interactive visualizations as well as good connectivity to a number of data sources including big data, NoSQL, cloud and real-time sources. The latter strength in particular offers Logi the potential to provide web-based applications for data which resides in different technologies.

User & Use Cases

The demographic figures underline the core strength of the solution: building interactive web applications which are used by non-technical users. All respondents said they use the software to create dashboards and 94 percent create web-based standard/enterprise reports, which justifies Logi’s decision to acquire JReport and thus increase its formatted reporting capabilities. At the time of the survey, only 3 percent of respondents had adopted Logi Predict, Logi Info’s advanced analytics module. However, 58 percent plan to use Logi Info for advanced analysis so there is clearly awareness of the module as well as demand for the use of predictive capabilities in embedded scenarios.

Logi targets companies of all sizes across all industries. This is reflected by a well distributed sample. 33 percent of respondents came from smaller companies with less than 100 employees, 42 percent from mid-sized organizations (100-2,500 employees) and 24 percent from large enterprises with more than 2,500 employees. As a result, the number of users also has a wide range. Logi customers have a median of 12 users and a mean of 206 users, with reported numbers ranging from a handful up to the largest customer, who reported having 20,000 Logi Info users.

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Summary of Logi Analytics highlights

Logi Analytics (Logi) features in The BI Survey 19 after a few years out and receives some very good customer feedback. The vendor’s strong focus on embedded analytics scenarios is underlined by outstanding results in the ‘Embedded BI’ KPI. Logi Analytics not only tops its four peer groups but is also rated above all the other products in The BI Survey in the ‘Embedded BI’ KPI. Moreover, high scores for ‘Operational BI’ and ‘Query performance’ demonstrate its ability to serve scenarios in which customers seek insights into critical business processes without struggling with latency or other major problems. Finally, customers rated the vendor’s services and support highly.

Project success – Leader

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

Vendor support – Leader

Peer Group: Dashboardingfocused products

Dashboards – Leader

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

Embedded BI – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

Operational BI – Top-ranked

Peer Group: EMEA-focused vendors

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The BI Survey results based on feedback from Logi Analytics users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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BI Survey 19 Awards

Logi Analytics

Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Embedded analytics-focused products, EMEA-focused vendors
VendorLogi Analytics
Number of responses33
ProductLogi Analytics Platform
OfficesMcLean, VA, USA (HQ); London, UK; Dublin, Ireland
Revenues (2018)Undisclosed

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Quotes from the BI Survey 19

Great tool, wonderful company, listen to requirements and quick to implement suggested enhancements.
Person responsible/Project manager for BI from IT department, services, more than 2,500 employees
We have had a great experience and much success using Logi Analytics. The platform suits our needs and has given us a lot of flexibility in our offerings.
Person responsible/Project manager for BI from IT department, healthcare, 100-2,500 employees
My experience with Logi Analytics studio has been nothing but a pleasure. I found the software easy to use and the UI very user friendly. The support team is very knowledgeable and understanding which has helped me to improve my overall knowledge of how to use the product to its fullest. Report creation is easy and straightforward and a basic report can be made in minutes after installation and set up. An A+ software.
IT employee, healthcare, less than 100 employees
It is a great product that scales quite well. The team is wonderful and very capable.
CEO, retail/wholesale/trade, less than 100 employees
Excellent software, excellent company to work with. We were one of their first 250 customers and it‘s grown well since then and they keep the enhancements coming.
CIO/Head of IT, healthcare, more than 2,500 employees