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Logi Analytics’ Info is a BI platform that serves a wide range of analytical users as well as developers. IT professionals can take charge of assembling custom-tailored BI experiences or line managers can deploy user-ready self-service tools. Logi Analytics BI applications can stand alone or embed into existing Web pages.

Founded in 2000, the McLean, Virginia-based company began with a focus on development tools for Web-based visualizations. Continuing to serve the developer market, the company eventually launched Logi Info, its flagship BI platform for IT leaders seeking to build, embed and operate customized BI Web applications.

With easy-to-use development tools and a Microsoft-centric environment, Logi Info succeeds in two primary market segments. The first is mid-size companies where IT resources are stretched and cannot support dedicated BI resources for creating reports or maintaining a data warehouse environment. The second segment, embedded BI, consists of software companies seeking to enhance the reporting and analysis capabilities within their commercial product. Logi Analytics has established a track record in the embedded BI segment. The company’s flexible OEM pricing options, including server-based or user-based, help customers get started and increase Logi’s competitive position in the embedded market.

With over 200 employees and 1,600+ customers, the company increased R&D to address weaknesses in query performance and expanded its product portfolio to address non-technical BI buyers. The result is a new self-service product named Vision, as well as Info modules that add full-fledged capabilities for self-service data discovery and high performance data integration.

User & Use Cases

Logi Info is a complete BI platform with capabilities for reporting, visual discovery and custom embedded apps. It also offers an optional data hub for high performance integration applications.

Driven by its heritage in the SMB market, Logi Info’s below average user count of 849 per customer site is unsurprising and still demonstrates enterprise-class performance.

‘Standard/enterprise reporting’ and ‘scorecards and dashboards’ are by far the dominant use cases reported by its customers. Perhaps most significant is the percentage of employees that use Logi at each customer site, which stands at 40 percent, 23 points higher than The BI Survey 16 average. A high employee penetration rate typically indicates excellence in flexibility, value and ease of use for IT and business users.

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Logi Suite

Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Visual data discovery-focused products
VendorLogi Analytics
Number of responses32
OfficesMcLean, VA, USA (HQ); Reading, UK; Vastra Frolunda, Sweden
Revenues (2015)Undisclosed
Web sitewww.logianalytics.com