DigDash was founded in 2006 by former Business Objects employees. Their aim was to provide enter-prises with easy-to-use software to help them in their decision-making processes by translating their data into valuable information.

The vendor currently employs about 70 people in France and has more than 540 customers with a com-bined total of over 10,000 users. The majority of DigDash’s revenues are generated in France. The company has a diverse range of customers from different industries. They include large corporations such as Orange, Airbus and CEA; public sector bodies such as Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères, CDG33 and Metropole de Toulouse; as well as smaller companies such as Delta Plus, Inter-flora and Chenavari.
DigDash offers a single solution called DigDash Enterprise, which was built in-house by the vendor with-out any acquired technologies. The first version of the product was released back in 2010.
DigDash Enterprise is a solution designed for business users to create interactive data applications. Its dashboard functionality is complemented by a set of predefined statistical methods, ad hoc query capa-bilities within dashboard applications and functions to create PowerPoint and Excel documents based on dashboard content, text and video material. Moreover, the vendor offers support for LibreOffice, inte-gration of R and Python as well as Apache Nutch for indexing and searching unstructured data.
DigDash Enterprise connects to a number of sources and mostly stores data in its own database, alt-hough live connectivity to data is also possible. For data access and modeling, the vendor has migrated its full client (Enterprise Studio) to the web. Business users typically use the web client to create dash-boards and analyses. For data discovery, the solution enables business users to load selected file for-mats directly via the web interface. In recent releases, DigDash has improved the product’s usability and extended its ad hoc analysis functionality.

User & Use Cases

DigDash’s particular strength lies in the creation of dashboards and interactive web applications. This is reflected in the finding that 89 percent of DigDash customers use the software for dashboards/BI appli-cations. A few releases ago, the Enterprise Studio development environment was moved to the web so DigDash users now enjoy a fully web-based solution with a modernized development experience. The product offers a variety of functions for content creators to customize dashboards including advanced options using JavaScript, D3.js and CSS customization support.
63 percent of DigDash respondents have used the software for standard/enterprise reporting. Although the product does not target this scenario in particular, the vendor has some improvements for this use case on the roadmap. About half of the respondents (47 percent) have used DigDash Enterprise for analysis. This functionality, and especially ad hoc drag-and-drop functionality for data analysis, has been improved recently.
DigDash targets midsize companies and large corporations across all industries. 45 percent of our sam-ple of DigDash customers come from large corporations (with more than 2,500 employees) with a medi-an of 80 users, while 42 percent are from companies with 100 to 2,500 employees.

Summary of DigDash highlights

74 percent of DigDash users have used the product for visual analysis purposes. Interestingly, only about 47 percent of this year’s respondents claimed to have done analysis with the tool. These results together with various comments we received from customers indicate that Dig-Dash’s versatility for creating interactive web applications seems to have contributed to this achievement. Content creators in particular value the ability to use libraries such as JavaScript and D3 to provide end users with the interactivity and guided navigation they require.
None of the DigDash users surveyed cited query performance among the five most significant problems encountered with the software. This is a huge compliment for a vendor that continu-ously invests in tuning its product. In fact, DigDash is the top-ranked product for Performance Satisfaction in the whole BI & Analytics Survey 24. Besides querying data live, DigDash’s own analytics engine stores and processes data. The vendor seems to have a good grasp of its cus-tomers’ performance requirements. Respondents have processed a median of 60 GB of data with a median query speed of 5.25 seconds. Several comments from DigDash customers high-lighted the speed of the software and the performance of the analytics engine.

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BI & Analytics Survey 24 Awards


Peer Groups BI & Analytics Specialists, Embedded Analytics Focus, Midsize/Departmental Implementations (BI), Report & Dashboard Focus
Number of responses38
ProductDigDash Enterprise
OfficesSeveral offices in France, Spain (Madrid)

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Quotes from the BI & Analytics Survey 24

It‘s a very good tool with a very attractive performance/cost ratio.
Person responsible/project manager for departmental BI/analytics, Transportation and logistics, 100-2,500 employees
DigDash‘s strength lies in its customization capabilities and the performance of its analytical engine.
Person responsible/project manager for departmental BI/analytics, Transportation and logistics, 100-2,500 employees
As good as the leading solutions on the market, but with more flexibility. Go ahead.
CIO/Head of IT, Process industry, 100-2,500 employees
Don‘t hesitate! It‘s a high-performance, FRENCH product!
CIO/Head of IT, Services (except consulting), <2,500 employees
The DigDash team is very available, and if you have test data, you can quickly get an idea of the tool‘s potential.
IT employee, Public sector, 100-2,500 employees