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Founded in 1992, Ontario, Canada-based Dundas began building its reputation as an innovator in visualization components with its own Microsoft technology-based charting product. In 2007, Dundas sold most of its chart franchise to Microsoft to embark on the expanded mission of building Dundas Dashboards, which was initially released in 2009. Dundas is a privately held company with approximately 100 employees.

In 2014, Dundas re-architected its dashboard product as a full-stack BI platform. Its new product, called Dundas BI, enables users to discover insights and create dashboards with distinctively modern and intuitive interfaces. Dundas BI allows developers to create and embed customized analytics and BI applications, placing an emphasis on ease of use for end users. A dedicated professional services team helps customers design dashboards and do data preparation, and leverages partners for implementation and integration work.

Dundas BI Platform is a modern and integrated full-stack BI platform with core strengths in data visualization, operational dashboards and embedded analytics. With its clean, modern and responsive graphical interface, business users can integrate, prepare, visualize and share data as well as navigate through prebuilt BI applications provided by IT. Dundas BI enables data discovery and development of highly customized dashboards, embedded BI applications and operational reports.

Dundas BI is developed in a client/server architecture and offers various possibilities for data connectivity. By default, data is accessed directly. It can also store data in its proprietary in-memory engine or in the Dundas BI data warehouse if needed. Since version 5, the data warehouse can be built on PostgreSQL in addition to Microsoft SQL Server. The data warehouse is also used to store metadata.

All Dundas BI functions are delivered via a modern web-based interface using a responsive HTML5 application for all user types (administrators, developers, power users and standard users). There are no additional clients to be installed locally, making it an excellent choice for cloud deployments or embedded use. Dundas BI includes sophisticated administration capabilities for tracking usage, monitoring system performance and specifying data access rights. The features bring efficiency to implementing governance on large user deployments by allowing content publishing between multiple projects or application instances. Administrators can configure application properties through a central console to simplify configuration, security and license management.

User & Use Cases

Dashboards and scorecards are Dundas’ dominant use case, followed by standard reporting, revealing the vendor’s origins as a provider of dashboard solutions. The application of advanced analytics functions remains low in Dundas installations.

The median number of users per customer site is below average. The product’s prime audience consists of mid-sized (56 percent) and small (26 percent) companies. We also see some traction among large organizations (18 percent).

Dundas offers the ability to support large numbers of users, with 20 percent of respondents citing this as a reason for choosing the product. With strengths in operational dashboards and embedded solutions, we expect Dundas to continue serving companies of all sizes with its BI platform.


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Summary of Dundas BI highlights

Dundas BI Platform is a modern and integrated full-stack BI platform with core strengths in data visualization operational and embedded BI as well as data discovery and analysis. In this year’s BI Survey Dundas is listed in five peer groups. The provider achieved a total of 3 top rankings and 32 leading positions. Particularly outstanding is Dundas’ rating of flexibility with two top-ranks and three leading positions. In terms of functionality, the vendor can also impress with good results in each of its peer groups and is awarded with a leading position five times.

Analyses – Leader

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

Embedded BI – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Data discovery-focused products

Flexibility – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Data discovery-focused products

Flexibility – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

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BI Survey 19 Awards

Dundas BI

Peer Groups Ad hoc reporting-focused products, Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Data discovery-focused products, Embedded analytics-focused products
VendorDundas Data Visualization Inc.
Number of responses34
ProductDundas BI
OfficesToronto, Canada
Employees100 approx.
Customers1100 (Dundas BI)
Revenues (2018)Undisclosed

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Quotes from the BI Survey 19

Very flexible and robust BI program. Allows for drag and drop functionality like other tools or the creation of your own BI environment. Very flexible licensing structure with concurrent users. Allows for real-time automatic refresh dashboards and has native ETL capability with Data Cubes.
Director of Manufacturing Strategy, manufacturing, more than 2,500 employees
Dundas is a very flexible tool that can do most anything out of the box. We do utilize some scripting to get some added functionality. And the ability to integrate this with our other custom applications is great.
BI & Data Architecture Manager, healthcare, 100-2,500 employees
Great product, easy to use, easy to scale up for more complex report. Easy integration into web apps and such. Support team has been amazing and willing to go the extra mile to help us succeed.
Line of business employee, healthcare, 100- 2,500 employees
Dundas has been very easy to implement and very cost effective. The visualizations are excellent. Every update brings many new features. The built-in data warehousing feature gives excellent performance. All of our interactions with the vendor have been excellent. Development in Dundas is flexible and the features are easy to learn. The vendor training website is also very good and the user community is very active, helpful, and well curated.
Head of BI & Analytics Competence Center, media/publishing, 100-2,500 employees
The flexibility, cost, and openness to feature requests from the developer have been an invaluable tool for our organization and has helped us integrate it further in the organization than initially planned and on a faster time table.
Employee of a cross-departmental BI team, oil, gas and mining, 100-2,500 employees