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Founded in 1992, Dundas began building its reputation as an innovator in visualization software with its Chart product based on Microsoft technology. Today, Dundas BI Platform enables users to discover insights and create dashboards with distinctively modern, clean interfaces. It also allows developers to create and embed customized analytics and BI applications.

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In 2007, Dundas sold most of its Chart franchise to Microsoft to embark on the expanded mission of building a dashboard product. Dashboard began shipping in 2009. Since then, the vendor has grown Dashboard to over 1,000 customers, who deploy the product to track and improve business performance across entire departments.

Acting on feedback from Dashboard customers who pushed the product beyond its original design target, Dundas launched BI Platform in 2014, a full-featured BI platform that provides better dashboards along with a foundation for launching it into the market for all-in-one BI platforms.

Today, Dundas BI Platform enables users to discover insights and create dashboards with distinctively modern, clean interfaces. It also allows developers to create and embed customized analytics and BI applications. BI Platform targets to deliver the easiest experience for achieving most user and developer tasks. Dundas has a dedicated professional services team that focuses on KPI definition and analytics work while leveraging partners for engagements requiring major integration and project management efforts.

With Dundas BI Platform, the company is gaining momentum with customers who are eager to deliver self-service analytics that are equally attractive on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

User & Use Cases

Dundas products average 1,727 users per customer site. This above-average figure demonstrates Dundas product scalability and performance. ‘Scorecards and dashboards’ comprise the dominant BI Platform use case followed by ‘Standard/Enterprise reporting’. Although the most popular user task is ‘View’, surveyed customers report that 59 percent of users ‘Explore/Analyze’ with BI Platform.

Sold primarily through up-front and annual subscription licenses for on-premises deployment, the product’s prime audience consists of mid-sized enterprises with 100-2,500 employees but it also has traction among small (27 percent) and large (23 percent) organizations as well. With strength in operational dashboards and embedded solutions, we would expect this relatively small vendor to continue serving large user audiences with its new BI Platform product.

Current vs. planned use

n = 31

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Dundas

n = 69

Percentage of employees using Dundas

n = 30

Licensing models

n = 26

Number of users using Dundas

n = 25

Tasks carried out with Dundas by business users

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Company size (number of employees)

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Summary of Dundas BI highlights

Dundas achieves leadership rankings across five important KPI areas in this year’s BI Survey, including first place for ‘Visual design standards’ in the Americas-focused peer group.This achievement demonstrates customer approval of its clean, modern-looking dashboards and visualizations.

Dundas also achieves leadership positions in ‘Big data analytics’ and ‘Collaboration’, indicating customers have embraced these recent BI Platform enhancements.

Rapid innovation at Toronto-based Dundas combined with continued customer support excellence has propelled Dundas six spots to claim third place in this year’s overall ‘Product satisfaction’ metric in the visual discovery-focused products peer group.

Operational BI - Leader

Peer group: visual discovery-focused products

Product Satisfaction - Leader

Peer group: visual discovery-focused products

Visual Design Standards - Top-ranked

Peer group: Americas-focused vendors

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BI Survey 16 Awards

Dundas BI

Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Visual data discovery-focused products
VendorDundas Data Visualization, Inc.
Number of responses31
OfficesToronto, Canada
Revenues (2015)Undisclosed
Web sitewww.dundas.com

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Quotes from the BI Survey 16

This year, Dundas lands the top spot in the Americas-focused peer group for repeated use on multiple projects. This achievement demonstrates customer satisfaction with BI Platform’s interfaces, styling and visualizations.
The BI Survey 16
Many Dundas customers take advantage of the company’s in-memory architecture to extract, translate and display the real-time performance of a production line or call center on multiple large monitors. The company is an ‘Operational BI’ leader amongst its visual discovery and dashboard peers.
The BI Survey 16
Perhaps more impressive than the high finish is Dundas’ six-position jump in ‘Product satisfaction’ amongst its dashboard-focused peers over the past year.
The BI Survey 16
Like its past products, Dundas BI Platform user interfaces and visual outputs are modern, clean and indicative of the company’s core roots as a data visualization leader.
The BI Survey 16