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Zoho Corporation began life in 1996 as a software company called Adventnet, Inc., which focused on building network management products. The company was renamed in 2009 and now operates three distinct divisions including Zoho, which develops and sells a suite of business applications. Zoho Corporation has never accepted venture capital investment and remains privately held.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, Zoho currently has two other offices in India as well as sites in the United States, China, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Japan and Singapore. The company employs around 12,000 people.
The Zoho suite currently consists of over 45 business applications, including solutions for CRM, project management, accounting, human resource management, BI and analytics, marketing and support. The company claims to have more than 14,000 customers worldwide for its BI and analytics platform.
Zoho Analytics, first released in 2009, is the central BI and analytics platform in Zoho’s portfolio. With Zoho Analytics, the vendor aims to provide unified business analytics to its customers. It supplies a large number of connectors to data sources which can be integrated in a central data model designed for use by business users. Business connectors (for Zoho and non-Zoho apps) are able to auto-identify and auto-map table relationships, create domain and cross-domain models, train the NLQ engine and create sample reports and dashboards to speed up implementations for analytics. Customers can access these models using APIs.
Zoho Analytics can be used as a self-service BI platform and be embedded in Zoho’s own or third-party applications. It can be deployed on-premises, on Zoho Cloud and on third-party cloud infrastructures such as Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Zoho’s Data Prep solution provides business analysts with an appealing and intuitive user interface for data ingestion and wrangling combined with guidance for possible preparation steps. Sophisticated data profiling features add value for customers when preparing data, decisively speeding up the identification and correction of issues in data.

User & Use Cases

This year we had 33 responses from Zoho Analytics users. At the time of the survey, 100 percent of them were using the cloud version.

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Zoho Analytics

Peer Groups Analysis Focus, Business Software Generalists (BI), Embedded Analytics Focus, Midsize/Departmental Implementations (BI), Report & Dashboard Focus
Number of responses33
ProductZoho Analytics
OfficesIndia, United States, China, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Japan and Singapore