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TARGIT is a privately-owned software provider founded in 1986 with its headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark. The company employs more than 85 people and has over 6,800 customers, most of whom are located in Europe and North America, while one-third are distributed across the rest of the world.

TARGIT is positioned for companies of all sizes requiring an all-integrated BI platform with vertical content. TARGIT Decision Suite offers integrated data discovery/self-service analysis, ad hoc reporting and dashboards with capabilities for batch reporting, mobility, slideshows and data mashups. The most recent 2019 release supports a range of trending features including speech recognition for natural language queries, alerts and notifications, an intelligent wizard that finds relevant content as the user types, an in-memory data mashup tool and support for creating custom visualizations. Through a no footprint web client, TARGIT has added to its capabilities for embedding into other applications and web portals. The newly introduced document model is intended to reduce the effort required to design content and make it available across all devices and output types.

Providing not only a BI solution but also knowledge about the software remains a strong focus of TARGIT. The company offers a multitude of vertical solutions. The most prominent are those for manufacturing and retail, while niche solutions for heavy machinery, waste management, fleet management, medical billing, fashion design and apparel are showing traction as well.

For several years, TARGIT has invested heavily in modernizing its solution. First, it began to reduce its Microsoft dependency by enabling customers to access data sources other than Microsoft SQL Server. Now an option to use its own in-memory database has been introduced along with support for additional data sources. Furthermore, TARGIT continues to work on optimizing its UI/UX experience to enable designers to create dashboards, analyses and reports that are ready for easy consumption on enterprise portals with better support for an improved cross-platform experience.

User & Use Cases

TARGIT Decision Suite is a Business Intelligence platform which provides reporting, dashboards, ad hoc query and analysis capabilities. Most customers use the solution for reporting, dashboards and ad hoc query with a slight emphasis on standard/enterprise reporting. Analysis is supported by functions to create and distribute highly formatted reports in a recurring manner. As reporting is heavily used by customers, TARGIT recently invested in the modernization of its reporting environment. In addition to its standard BI functionality, over half of the customers responding to this year’s survey plan to use TARGIT Decision Suite for advanced analytics. The product integrates with Python, IronPython and R to visualize advanced analytics results.

TARGIT’s customer base is dominated by mid-sized companies. In this year’s survey, 72 percent of respondents came from companies with 100 to 2,500 employees. Overall, a mean of 186 users per company use TARGIT. The median is somewhat lower at 50.

As TARGIT has historically been installed in accounts using Microsoft CRM or ERP systems and the software itself has traditionally focused on the Microsoft SQL Server platform, Microsoft Power BI remains one of its biggest competitors.

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Summary of TARGIT Decision Suite highlights

Customers rate TARGIT Decision Suite as a competitive solution, especially when it comes to providing value through its emphasis on certain industry sectors and its support of Microsoft
operational systems. As a result, it is among the leaders of the ‘OLAP analysis-focused products’ peer group for the ‘Operational BI’ KPI. Besides using the software for operational BI, over 37 percent of customers use it for mobile BI, while a further 41 percent plan to do so. TARGIT also performs well in the ‘Dashboards’, ‘Ad hoc query’ and ‘Distribution of reports’ KPIs in this year’s BI Survey.

Competitiveness – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

Competitive win rate – Leader

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

Data preparation – Leader

Peer Group: Dashboarding-focused products

Functionality – Leader

Peer Group: Dashboarding-focused products

Improved in competitiveness

Peer Group: Embedded analytics-focused products

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BI Survey 19 Awards

TARGIT Decision Suite

Peer Groups Ad hoc reporting-focused products, Dashboarding-focused products, Embedded analytics-focused products, EMEA-focused vendors, OLAP analysis-focused products
Number of responses103
ProductTARGIT Decision Suite
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Quotes from the BI Survey 19

An excellent solution with a very friendly interface. Ease to manage and create new analysis.
Head of BI & Analytics Competence Center, retail/wholesale/trade, 100-2,500 employees
Great, they are an excellent company to deal with. The solution is very easy to use and end user friendly.
Person responsible/Project manager for departmental BI, retail/wholesale/trade, 100-2,500 employees
Very, very happy. Great company, great folks, great value.
CIO/Head of IT, retail/wholesale/trade, 100-2,500 employees
Über 14 Jahre sehr zufrieden. Sehr innovative Firma und sehr fortschrittliches Produkt.
CIO/Head of IT, manufacturing, 100-2,500 employees
Great tool for both developers and end users. TARGIT BI Suite gives lot of possibilities in creating and distributing reports/dashboards.
Person responsible/Project manager for BI from IT department, process industry, more than 2,500 employees