Entrinsik has built a reputation as a BI software vendor in the higher education, insurance, manufacturing and distribution industry sectors. Its Informer product integrates with all types of data sources including NoSQL MultiValue databases, which are still heavily used in mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. Informer 5 offers robust data integration and self-service BI capabilities through a web interface.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Entrinsik is a privately held BI software company with 2,500 customers, mainly in higher education but also in insurance, healthcare and manufacturing. Its Informer product offers easy to set up and intuitive report creation for technical professionals. Database modeling professionals comfortable with drag-and-drop tools will find they can rapidly develop and deploy enterprise-wide reports and dashboards.

Founded in 1984, Entrinsik entered the BI market in 2002 when it built a web-based reporting tool for customers using MultiValue databases, such as UniVerse and UniData, which store a list of values within a single field. However, this denormalized structure makes it difficult to generate reports quickly or easily. Entrinsik overcame this challenge and quickly became a successful choice for MultiValue reporting tools.

Seeking to expand beyond its primary markets, Entrinsik has engineered major enhancements to Informer in version 5 to increase ease of use, visual attractiveness and embedding. The company now has 35 employees and also supports distribution partners in the UK and Australia.

User & Use Cases

Entrinsik is primarily used for standard and ad hoc reporting in small and medium-sized scenarios. Both standard reporting and ad hoc query are carried out by almost all users. Dashboards are used by two-thirds of users, while 30 percent of customers have plans to work with dashboards. 91 percent of users create their own reports, which shows the strong self-service orientation of the product. Almost all the users surveyed work for mid-sized organizations with 100-2,500 employees.

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Summary of Entrinsik highlights

Entrinsik Informer achieves excellent results in The BI & Analytics Survey 21. The vendor is a top choice for customers, who report outstanding user experience and support. As a result, Entrinsik emerges as the top-rated vendor in the ‘Customer satisfaction’, ‘Price-to-value’, ‘Vendor support’ and ‘Implementer support’ KPIs, to name just a few. The inherent properties of the BI tool reinforce these praises with stellar ratings for its ‘Ease of use’, ‘Ad hoc query’, ‘Operational BI’ and ‘Data preparation’. Additionally, Informer contributes to business success, earning leading positions in critical KPIs such as ‘Business benefits’, ‘Business value’, ‘Self-service’ and ‘Functionality’.

Customer satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Americas-focused vendors

Implementer support – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Americas-focused vendors

Price-to-value – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Americas-focused vendors

Recommendation – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Americas-focused vendors

Vendor support – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Americas-focused vendors

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The BI Survey results based on feedback from Entrinsik users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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BI & Analytics Survey 21 Awards


Peer Groups Ad Hoc Reporting-focused Products, Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused Products, Self-Service Analytics-focused Products
Number of responses33
OfficesRaleigh, NC (HQ); Almelo, Netherlands
Customers3,000 approx.
Revenues (2019)$7,500,000

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Quotes from the BI & Analytics Survey 21

It is my “swiss army knife“ of all our BI reporting tools - very flexible and the best support we have with any of our software vendors.
Person responsible/Project manager for BI/analytics from IT department , retail/wholesale/trade, 100-2,500 employees
It has increased our productivity and accuracy of our metrics and reporting beyond our expectations. I tell everyone in the industry about it and am a huge fan!
President, insurance, less than 100 employees
Informer is, hands down, the best purchase I have been a part of at this organization.
IT employee, education, 100-2,500 employees
Go for it! In my opinion, it is the best price-to-value ratio product we use by far. It‘s reliable, seldom has issues, and is indispensable for us.
IT employee, education, 100-2,500 employees
They make it very easy to do a trial and see how it will work. If you provide a server, they can easily install the product and you can evaluate it yourself with your data very easily.
Person responsible/Project manager for BI/analytics from IT department, retail/wholesale/trade, 100-2,500 employees