Entrinsik is a privately held BI software company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Founded in 1984, Entrinsik joined the business intelligence market in 2002 with the development of a web-based reporting tool for customers who use MultiValue databases, such as UniVerse and UniData. MultiValue databases contain a list of values within a single field, which slows down report preparation and complicates the process.

Entrinsik overcame the challenges of the denormalized structure and quickly became a successful choice for MultiValue reporting tools. The company now employs 45 people and supports distribution partners in the United Kingdom and Australia.

With more than 2,500 customers, the vendor has made a name for itself with software applications that improve efficiency, productivity and the day-to-day operations of businesses. It has been particularly successful in the higher education market but also serves customer in insurance, healthcare and manufacturing. To date, over 350 academic institutions use the product, and many have standardized on Informer as the company offers affordable pricing for enterprise-wide licenses. Key partnerships in EMEA and APAC have also helped to grow its footprint in the healthcare industry.

Informer – Entrinsik’s BI tool – was developed with ease of use in mind. It offers different integrated modules such as Reports, Discover and Datasets, which can be used by business users. There are various report types, which can be created in the Reports module, such as ‘Comparison Boards’, dashboards, data views and ad hoc queries.

The product combines a very clean interface with a good feature set, intelligently covered by different menus. This simplicity prevents especially casual users, who want to analyze and visualize data, from overburdening. Informer’s architecture does not require a data warehouse or separate multidimensional data structure. Instead, it runs directly on databases, flat files, operational business applications and web applications.

User & Use Cases

All of Entrinsik’s customers use Informer in reporting scenarios. Almost the same is true for ad hoc queries: here 98 percent of respondents are applying the functionality in their day-to-day work. Nearly two thirds of users additionally benefit from using dashboards, while a further 36 percent are planning to do so in the future. The combination of these primary functions makes the application the perfect self-service tool for IT and BI professionals as well as business users. In fact, the vast majority of business users receive and navigate their reports and dashboards. 93 percent of users create their own reports. Its self-service forte is also emphasized by the competitors who are most commonly evaluated alongside Entrinsik: Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Entrinsik is most popular with mid-sized enterprises with between 100 and 2,500 employees. 86 percent of the customers responding to this survey work in the public sector and higher education, which is Entrinsik’s core market. The vendor has experienced much of its growth through providing its software to universities.

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Summary of Entrinsik highlights

With a formidable total of 45 top ranks and 75 leading positions, Entrinsik achieves excellent results in The BI & Analytics Survey 22. The vendor is a top choice for customers when it comes to self-service reporting. As a result, Entrinsik emerges as the top-ranked vendor in the Ease of Use, Price to Value, Performance Satisfaction and Functionality KPIs, to name just a few. 93 percent of survey users rate Entrinsik Informer’s ad hoc query functionality as “good” or “excellent” and the majority of customers (63 percent) claim to have experienced no significant problems with the software.

Distribution of Reports – Top-ranked

Peer group: Dashboarding-focused Products

Operational BI – Top-ranked

Peer group: Embedded Analytics-focused Products

Performance Satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer group: Ad Hoc Reporting-focused Products

Price to Value – Top-ranked

Peer group: Dashboarding-focused Products

Vendor Support – Top-ranked

Peer group: Self-Service Analytics-focused Products

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BI & Analytics Survey 22 Awards


Peer Groups Ad Hoc Reporting-focused Products, BI & Analytics Specialists, Dashboarding-focused Products, Embedded Analytics-focused Products, Midsize/Departmental Implementations (BI), Self-Service Analytics-focused Products
Number of responses42
OfficesRaleigh, NC (HQ); Almelo, Netherlands
Customers1500 approx.

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Quotes from the BI & Analytics Survey 22

One of the best product purchases I have experienced in my career.
IT employee, education, 100-2,500 employees
Excellent product by an excellent company. The product you will use from day 1.
Director of systems management, education, 100-2,500 employees
Get it - it is hard to imagine a company with reporting needs that couldn't benefit from Informer.
IT employee, education, 100-2,500 employees
The software is affordable, easy to implement, and easy to use. Our end users love it!
Person responsible/Project manager for departmental BI/analytics, education, 100-2,500 employees
The software is intuitive and robust. The Entrinsik customer support is top notch, one of the best, if not the best, our company has dealt with in my 20+ years in our IT department. The visuals are what we need. The reporting and datasets are spot on and easy to understand and adapt.
IT employee, education, less than 100 employees