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Report One’s MyReport Business Evolution is a BI solution based on the universally familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and a web portal-based dashboarding solution for distributing dynamic data to multiple users. The product’s philosophy is to enhance the analytical capabilities of Microsoft Excel and promote the reuse of data to spread controlled information across the organization. Report One aims to help its customers to be more efficient at every step, from the integration of enterprise data all the way through to the consumption of reports, dashboards and analyses.

Report One is a privately held BI software company with approximately 60 employees and 4,500 customers. Since its foundation in 2001, which was also the year it first released the BI product MyReport, Report One has grown into a company with four offices spread around France. The company has achieved reasonable coverage of the French BI market and is currently concentrating on expanding its market penetration in its home country. 220 value-added resellers (VARs) are supporting that strategy by distributing the software. Report One’s partners make an enormous contribution, generating 80 percent of the sales volume. Another focus of the vendor is the improvement and development of MyReport. A department of 13 people is responsible for this, with 20 percent of revenues from software development being invested into its activities.

The vendor’s product strategy is clearly aligned to Microsoft Excel. MyReport’s main client is called MyReport Builder and is integrated into the Excel interface. Users can utilize the familiar Excel environment and benefit from additional menus with predefined functions. MyReport offers further modules for data integration, data distribution, dashboarding and administration and is characterized by its business user orientated and non-programmable environment.

The current product – MyReport Business Evolution – was launched in 2017 as the successor to MyReport Essential. The new version replaces the outdated development base of the previous version and switches from Delphi to However, there are still some small differences between the functional scopes of each version. According to the vendor, 80 to 90 percent of MyReport Essential functions are available with MyReport Business Evolution. Report One is still working on facilitating the migration. MyReport Essential continues to be supported and maintained by the vendor.

User & Use Cases

Report One’s two main use cases – each employed by 98 percent of respondents – are standard reporting and dashboards. 83 percent of customers use the software for ad hoc query. Analysis and advanced analytics are currently the least frequently used scenarios. The vendor focuses on small and medium-sized companies, which is reflected in fact that 95 percent of our survey participants come from the SME sector. User numbers are rather low compared to the overall BI Survey average values. However, when considered as a percentage of the total number of employees who use the software, ReportOne comes out slightly above average with 20 percent.

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Report One

Peer Groups EMEA-focused vendors, OLAP analysis-focused products
VendorReport One
Number of responses42
OfficesParis, Nantes, Lyon, Albi (France)
Customers4,500 approx.
Revenues (2018)€6.9 million