MicroStrategy is one of the best-known vendors in the analytics and BI market worldwide. It was the first vendor to release a fully integrated product that provides formatted reports, dashboards and interactive data discovery in a single solution using the same infrastructure. MicroStrategy is a US headquartered company with offices around the world. This presence is backed by numerous selected partners.

MicroStrategy has always taken market trends seriously and often leads the way. It was among the first vendors to present solutions for mobile devices. The vendor provides a no-code development framework to build highly customized mobile applications. Offline capabilities and data entry for operational use cases are supported as well. With its library of statistical and advanced analytics functions, the vendor offers comprehensive analytics capabilities for a wide variety of use cases. MicroStrategy introduced and recently enhanced ‘HyperIntelligence’ to provide operational staff with so-called ‘zero-click intelligence’. The aim is to supply business users with the information they need directly within their business processes without having to search for it in another system (‘HyperCards’).

MicroStrategy focuses on providing the solutions a customer needs to become an ‘Intelligent Enterprise’. The vendor offers a single, tightly integrated analytics and BI platform based on an open and unified architecture, largely because it was built from the ground up without acquisitions. The platform strongly relies on a governed common semantic layer to combine various data sources while shielding business users from complicated data structures, allowing them to leverage data for sophisticated reports and analyses.

User & Use Cases

MicroStrategy serves a broad number of usage scenarios for customers all around the globe. Over 90 percent of customers use the product for standard and enterprise reporting and dashboards. The vendor has invented new formats for information consumption such as ‘Dossiers’ (interactive book-oriented format) and ‘HyperCards’ (task-oriented operational information views) to build on and extend its traditional stronghold. 76 percent of customers take advantage of the solution’s analysis capabilities. For a suite vendor, it is impressive that 40 percent of users model and enrich data.

In our sample, 53 percent of the companies that run MicroStrategy are large enterprises with more than 2,500 employees. This is reflected in the numbers of users reported: Both the mean of 3,257 and median of 300 users are a long way above the overall The BI & Analytics Survey 22 average. Together with reported processed median of 5,625 GB of data these figures clearly confirm that the platform can power large scale deployments.

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