MicroStrategy Analytics Platform

MicroStrategy was founded in 1989 as a provider of front-end tools for performing analysis on relational databases. It pioneered the ROLAP term (though not the concept) for relational OLAP, to describe its architecture. Simple caching of data has advanced to a persistent in-memory analytics engine in recent years to provide better query performance.

MicroStrategy Analytics Platform – the vendor’s flagship product – covers dashboarding, reporting, visual exploration and analysis in one integrated environment. It also offers a cloud version of its analytics software, and was one of the first vendors to provide its BI tool with a data warehousing and data integration solution in the cloud. The vendor also led the BI market in supporting mobile (Apple) devices.

User & Use Cases

MicroStrategy Analytics Platform’s versatility is evident in The BI Survey 16 results: it is well suited to standard reporting, ad hoc query, dashboards and basic data analysis. 59 percent of its customers also plan to use the product for advanced analysis. In this area, the vendor has an extensive statistical library, which can be used for statistical calculations and in reporting applications. In Visual Insight – a data discovery solution for business users – MicroStrategy recently began providing some pre-defined statistical calculations.

MicroStrategy is mostly used in larger scenarios and mid-sized to large enterprises. The suite is capable of handling large volumes of data and user numbers, and is especially strong on top of relational data sources.

Current vs. planned use

N = 107

5 products most often evaluated in competition with MicroStrategy

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Percentage of employees using MicroStrategy

N = 102

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N = 103

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MicroStrategy Analytics Platform

Peer Groups Large enterprise BI platforms, Large international BI vendors
Number of responses107
EmployeesApprox. 2,000 worldwide
Customers> 4,000 worldwide
Revenues (2015)$ 530 million
Web sitewww.microstrategy.com