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MicroStrategy is one of the best known vendors in the BI and analytics market worldwide. It was the first vendor to release a fully integrated end-to-end platform providing formatted reports, dashboards and interactive data discovery in a unified software. With its leading semantic model, scalability and multiple options to embed insights, the vendor offers comprehensive analytics capabilities for a wide variety of use cases.

MicroStrategy ONE is based on a tightly integrated architecture that can support hybrid or multi-cloud scenarios and was built from the ground up without acquisitions. The vendor focuses on providing the solutions customers need to become ‘Intelligent Enterprises’. The analytics and mobility suite offers different clients, which connect to an enterprise semantic layer (schema) to deliver common and governed business logic across multiple data sources. The vendor has invested much over the years in supporting 200+ connectors to data sources, as well as offering native support for cloud databases, data lakes and Hadoop. Besides direct connectivity to source systems, MicroStrategy has an integrated in-memory engine to ensure fast query performance on large data sets.
Business users can use the enterprise semantic layer (schema), typically created by technically savvy users, or create their own data models (datasets). For additional governance, datasets can be combined with the enterprise semantic layer or certified.
MicroStrategy has always taken market trends seriously and often leads the way. The vendor provides a no-code development framework to build native mobile apps. Offline capabilities and write-back data entry for transactions and operational use cases are available too. The vendor introduced ‘Dossiers’ to provide a modern way to analyze, present and visualize data. Dossiers are interactive applications that organize dashboards or reports in a familiar book-oriented chapter-and-page format.
Increasingly, MicroStrategy is taking an open approach by allowing third-party tools such as Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, Jupyter and RStudio to access its governed datasets. To extend the adoption of analytics by business users, MicroStrategy introduced ‘HyperIntelligence’ to surface contextual information to users directly in web applications, on mobile devices and in selected productivity applications with zero clicks. This allows businesses to inject real-time, contextual insights and recommendations into users’ browser-based or mobile workflows – bringing analytics closer to their work. Embedding analytics in business applications, in cooperation with service providers and often targeting distinct industries, is becoming increasingly important to vendors and offers further opportunities to differentiate.

User & Use Cases

MicroStrategy ONE is a comprehensive BI and analytics platform. Almost all respondents to this year’s survey use it for traditional BI tasks such as enterprise reporting and dashboards. Self-service is also a strength illustrated by the huge share of business users using it for data analysis. The high numbers for each of the three application types demonstrate that MicroStrategy ONE is capable of servicing pervasive needs.
In our sample, 68 percent of the companies that run MicroStrategy are large enterprises with more than 2,500 employees. This is also reflected in the numbers of users reported: Both the mean of 2,664 and median of 650 users are a long way above the overall The BI & Analytics Survey 24 average.

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MicroStrategy ONE

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