humanIT software GmbH is a software vendor founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute in Bonn, Germany. It is now an independent subsidary of proALPHA Group, a provider of ERP technology. humanIT serves 19 countries from its Bonn office and has over 1,000 customers with more than 100,000 users across 20 industries.

The product portfolio comprises three closely integrated products: InfoZoom Desktop (the desktop version), InfoZoom Data Quality Control (IZDQ) and Nemo, an AI-based solution focused on analysis of ERP data and optimization of business processes. There is also a close integration between proALPHA ERP and InfoZoom, so that data quality changes can be written back directly to the ERP system. proALPHA customers can also benefit from Nemo, the recently published platform.

The aim of humanIT is to quickly make information in databases transparent and analyzable for business users. InfoZoom supports business users in ad hoc analyses, data monitoring, data profiling, data preparation and visualization. The use of InfoZoom follows a special philosophy. The goal is to help users to understand information at a glance (i.e., to display the contents of a database on one screen). To do this, InfoZoom reads the data into its in-memory-based solution and combines the contents (characteristics) of attributes in a row in a technically meaningful way. The user immediately receives an overview of the value ranges and frequencies and can form an impression of the correctness of the data. Incorrect values can be quickly identified and adjusted directly in the tool by simply editing the values on a single row or on a group of rows. The overview of aggregated values is freely navigable and can be filtered. The user can easily move around in the data space and examine values and their relationships. Business users can visualize data using built-in diagrams, reports or the integrated OEM product List & Label, which offers advanced formatting options. Moreover, InfoZoom content can be published to different users via the web or mobile devices.

User & Use Cases

InfoZoom is primarily a workhorse for business users and not a typical BI and analytics product. Its aim is to understand and find patterns in data and therefore bring value to customers. To do this, InfoZoom shows all data on one screen and offers intuitive navigation capabilities to zoom into it. This enables users to analyze different attributes and their interrelationships. We also call this type of analysis ‘set-based analysis’.
Therefore, it is not surprising to see that 91 percent of respondents said they use the product for ad hoc query, while 71 percent use it for reporting and 60 percent for analysis.
As the product is clearly geared to users from business departments who are dealing with data, the main tasks it supports are data exploration and analysis. Business user orientation is also reflected in the products InfoZoom competes with most often. The list comprises data visualization specialists who are also primarily focused on business users.
Since InfoZoom supports a rather niche area of business users performing data analysis, the product is typically used by a small percentage of employees in customer organizations.
In general, InfoZoom does not target specific departments, company sizes or industries. However, the majority of users responding to this survey came from mid-sized companies.

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Summary of InfoZoom highlights

This year is another great year in the BI & Analytics Survey 23 for InfoZoom with an impressive 29 top ranks and 27 leading positions. Once again, it was voted the top product in terms of its contribution to the improvement of data quality. InfoZoom users are generally very satisfied with the product and likely to recommend it to others. Good feedback for vendor and implementer support contributes to the overall positive impression of InfoZoom as a product and humanIT Software as a company. Its high Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the icing on the cake.

Data Preparation – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Business Software Generalists

Performance Satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Business Software Generalists

Product Satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Business Software Generalists

Project Success – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Business Software Generalists

Self-Service – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Business Software Generalists

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The BI Survey results based on feedback from InfoZoom users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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BI & Analytics Survey 23 Awards


Peer Groups Analysis Focus, Business Software Generalists (BI), Midsize/Departmental Implementations (BI)
VendorhumanIT (member of proALPHA Group)
Number of responses45
OfficesBonn, Germany

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Quotes from the BI & Analytics Survey 23

Today's data analysis would be unthinkable without it.
Person responsible/Project manager for BI/analytics from IT department, Manufacturing, 100 - 2500 employees
It has permanently changed and improved my view of data.
IT employee, IT, 100 - 2500 employees
Very good experience with the software, consulting and support.
External consultant, Services, less than 100 employees
Still thrilled after many years of use.
IT employee, IT, 100 - 2500 employees
Easy and fast data import and analysis, fantastically quick response times, extremely beneficial for data quality checks, very fast creation of simple to medium complex analyses and reports, easy data cleansing, extremely good price-performance ratio.
CEO, IT, less than 100 employees