Phocas was founded in 1999 in the UK but 50 percent of its shareholders and the development team are now based in Australia. The company has shown annual growth of 20-30 percent over the last ten years. It now has around 1,200 customers and reported revenues of 17 million US dollars in the financial year ending June 2016, spread fairly evenly between the UK, Australia and North America.

Phocas has a strong focus on the manufacturing, distribution and retail verticals, as well as the sales, marketing, accounting and purchasing functions. Its consulting team possesses strong expertise in these areas when helping IT departments set up and customize their data integration from standard ERP systems and the expandable pre-built data model for Phocas that sits on a Microsoft SQL Server database. Phocas also provides a CRM application that combines the analytical capabilities of Phocas BI with more operationally oriented process support (e.g. for campaign management).

Users in business departments can work with an easy-to-use, self-service tool that allows them to build and adapt dashboards, or in an OLAP-style analysis spreadsheet environment when more detail is required. The product provides flexible ad hoc reporting and analysis for business users, who can also administer the tool themselves.

User & Use Cases

Phocas is used for standard reporting and ad hoc query by 94 percent and 86 percent of users respectively. Although it’s not a performance management tool per se, Phocas can help users in the planning process by accessing ERP data. Customers also report an above-average inclination to start using the product for budgeting/planning and consolidation, and advanced analysis is used by 34 percent of Phocas respondents, way above the survey average of 19 percent. Phocas is often used in a CRM context where such functions are quite typical.

Phocas is mostly used in small to medium-sized companies where its penetration rate is quite high: an average of 23 percent of employees use the product, comfortably above the survey average of 17 percent. This is a positive reflection on the tool’s versatility and ease of use.

Current vs. planned use

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5 products most often evaluated in competition with Phocas

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Percentage of employees using Phocas

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Licensing models

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Number of users using Phocas

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Tasks carried out with Phocas by business users

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Company size (number of employees)

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Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Self-service reporting-focused products, Visual data discovery-focused products
Number of responses35
OfficesUK, USA, Australasia
CustomersApprox. 1,200
Revenues (2015)$17 million