Phocas was founded in 2001 in the UK and is now a medium-sized company with full-service offices on three continents. The company has shown continuous growth over the last ten years. It now has around 1,700 customers and reported revenues of AU$34 million for the 2019 fiscal year. Phocas now has over 91 percent recurring subscription revenue, spread fairly evenly between the UK, Australia and North America. The self-funded company is still a private company held by the founders.

Phocas offers a mature self-service tool created for business users with flexible analysis capabilities and good integration with several third-party ERP systems. The core product is broken up into three layers: a visualization area for combining information on dashboards, an analysis panel for digging deeper into the data and a database designer to create data cubes. Once the IT department has provisioned the data, business users can use Phocas’ set of capabilities to perform individual analysis, visualize information and create reports and dashboards.

Phocas is focused on the manufacturing, distribution and retail industry verticals and the sales and inventory business functions. Its consulting teams are experts in these areas and can help customers set up data integration from ERP systems and expandable pre-built data models. Although its sales strategy has traditionally been direct sales, Phocas now relies on its partner business with its abundance of expertise and tool specialization. The partner network is expanding with a number of larger partners, especially in new distribution regions such as Asia and Europe.

Phocas offers pre-built solutions and an easy-to-use, self-service tool that enables non-technical users to view and build dashboards, or work in a spreadsheet-style environment when more detail and analytical capability is required. The product provides flexible analysis for business users who can administer the tool themselves.

Based on HTML5 and Java, Phocas has a simple but modern design and can be accessed by any device with a web browser. The web application is available on-premises or in the cloud on Microsoft IIS, provided by Phocas, or in a private cloud.

User & Use Cases

Phocas is used for dashboarding by all the users responding to this year’s BI Survey. Many also use it for ad hoc query (97 percent) and enterprise reporting (94 percent). Only a few customers perform advanced analytics with Phocas due to its limited capabilities in this area. Nevertheless, many plan to utilize the tool for advanced analytics in the future. The breadth of current and planned use speaks to the maturity and flexibility of Phocas.

Phocas concentrates on mid-market businesses, so it is no surprise that 72 percent of customers are in the 100 to 2500 employees bracket. Its penetration rate is quite high: an average of 28 percent of employees use the product, comfortably above the survey average of 18 percent. This is a positive reflection on the tool’s versatility, ease of use and applicability to multiple horizontal business functions.

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Peer Groups Ad Hoc Reporting-focused Products, Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused Products, EMEA-focused vendors
Number of responses35
ProductPhocas 8.0
OfficesMelbourne, Sydney and Orange, Australia; Coventry, UK; Reno, Philadelphia and Orlando, USA
Revenues (2019)$AU34M