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Bissantz & Company (Bissantz) was founded in 1996 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company initially specialized in solutions for sophisticated data analysis tasks in business environments. Today, it has about 100 employees based in four locations in Germany.

With DeltaMaster, Bissantz targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries to support them in controlling and planning business performance. Most of its more than 500 customers are in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Worldwide consulting and support is available through certified partners.

DeltaMaster, Bissantz’s flagship product, offers flexible and integrated functionality for (advanced) data analysis (including statistical and advanced analytics methods), ad hoc reporting, dashboards and planning. The strengths of Bissantz DeltaMaster lie in its analytic capabilities, which include good support for proactive analyses as well as automated and predefined analytic methods with comprehensive visualization functions.

Besides its BI and analytics functionality, Bissantz DeltaMaster can also be used to build individual planning applications with capabilities for top-down and bottom-up planning. As a front end, Bissantz DeltaMaster supports direct connections to multidimensional databases (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SAP BW/NetWeaver BI, IBM TM1, Oracle Essbase, Infor d/EPM OLAP Server) as well as relational databases (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL). Planning applications are mostly based on Microsoft SQL Server and/or Analysis Services. However, Infor d/EPM OLAP Server, IBM TM1 and SAP HANA can also be used for planning applications. In the Microsoft environment, Bissantz fosters a hybrid approach which combines multidimensional and relational data processing to deal with performance requirements in large planning scenarios.

User & Use Cases

Customers mainly use Bissantz DeltaMaster today for standard/enterprise reporting (94 percent), ad hoc query (91 percent) and dashboards/scorecards (78 percent). 41 percent of respondents plan to use it for advanced analysis in the future. Bissantz targets mid-sized and large companies across all industries. 81 percent of our sample of Bissantz DeltaMaster customers come from mid-sized companies (100-2,500 employees) with a median of 40 users, but the mean of 61 users indicates there are also several larger implementations. Bissantz DeltaMaster is geared to business power users with functionality for various analytics and also planning tasks. Typical tasks carried out with Bissantz DeltaMaster by business users include viewing/navigating data (97 percent), exploring/analyzing data (88 percent) and creating reports (69 percent), which demonstrates the feature-richness of the product. Customers achieve an average of 10 percent usage penetration among all employees (compared to the survey average of 17 percent). This indicates that the product is focused more on trained business power users than the majority of employees.

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Summary of Bissantz DeltaMaster highlights

With 12 top ranks and 37 leading positions in four different peer groups, Bissantz DeltaMaster again achieves an outstanding set of results in this year’s BI & Analytics Survey. Convincing ratings in the majority of its KPIs help to consolidate its position as a market-leading BI and analytics vendor in the DACH region that is delivering considerable benefits to its customers. Companies can benefit from using Bissantz DeltaMaster in terms of faster and more accurate reporting, analysis or planning, improved data quality and better business decision-making. The majority of customers confirm they would recommend their BI and analytics product to other organizations. This result is a great indicator of satisfaction with the vendor and its product.

Distribution of reports – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Integrated performance management products

Advanced analytics – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Integrated performance management products

Self-service – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Integrated performance management products

Consistently top-ranked in visual design standards

Peer Group: Ad hoc reporting-focused products

Visual design standards – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Integrated performance management products

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The BI Survey results based on feedback from Bissantz DeltaMaster users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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BI & Analytics Survey 21 Awards

Bissantz DeltaMaster

Peer Groups Ad Hoc Reporting-focused Products, EMEA-focused vendors, Integrated Performance Management Products, OLAP analysis-focused products
Number of responses32
ProductBissantz DeltaMaster
OfficesGermany (HQ)
Customers> 500
Revenues (2019)Undisclosed

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Quotes from the BI & Analytics Survey 21

Bissantz DeltaMaster ranks best for ‘Analyses’ in all four of its peer groups – an impressive endorsement of Bissantz DeltaMaster’s strong analytic capabilities.
The BI & Analytics Survey 21
Bissantz and its product are pioneers in visualization and design. For years, the product has led the way in terms of visual design standards in the BI & Analytics Survey.
The BI & Analytics Survey 21
Companies benefit from using DeltaMaster and the product creates real business value.
The BI & Analytics Survey 21
The product’s ease of use allows business users to perform analyses, reporting and planning and even build data models without much IT support.
The BI & Analytics Survey 21
The BI & Analytics Survey confirms that Bissantz has a very satisfied and loyal customer base.
The BI & Analytics Survey 21