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Bissantz & Company was founded in 1996 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company initially specialized in solutions for sophisticated data analysis tasks in business environments. Today, it has approximately 100 employees based in three locations in Germany. The company has over 500 customers, primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Bissantz targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries to support them in controlling and planning business performance, mainly in German-speaking countries.

DeltaMaster, Bissantz’s flagship product, is a flexible, integrated BI front end for dashboards, ad hoc reporting, advanced analysis (including statistical and data mining methods) and planning. Besides its classical BI functionality, individual applications for top-down and bottom-up planning scenarios can be created. The product primarily addresses detailed operational plans in lines of business, specializing in data-dense dashboards that conform to the visualization principles devised by Prof. Edward Tufte, Prof. Rolf Hichert and Bissantz itself. Analyses generally start from a pivot table or a wide range of pre-defined analytical methods.

As a pure front end, DeltaMaster supports direct connections to popular multidimensional databases such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Infor BI OLAP Server, IBM Cognos TM1, Oracle OLAP, Oracle Essbase and SAP BW/NetWeaver BI/HANA.

User & Use Cases

Bissantz’s customers mainly use the product for ad hoc query, standard/enterprise reporting and basic data analysis. Budgeting/planning and dashboards/scorecards are also frequent use cases. Proactive analyses as well as automated and predefined analytic methods with comprehensive visualization functions are a specialty of the tool.

Bissantz targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries. Almost two-thirds of our sample of Bissantz customers come from mid-sized companies with a median of 50 users, but the mean of 1,563 users indicates there are also some much larger implementations. DeltaMaster is geared to business power users with broad functionality for various BI tasks typically carried out by business users.

Current vs. planned use

n = 94

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Bissantz

n = 162

Percentage of employees using Bissantz

n = 94

Licensing models

n = 89

Number of users using Bissantz

n = 82

Tasks carried out with Bissantz by business users

n = 88

Company size (number of employees)

n = 94

Summary of Bissantz DeltaMaster highlights

Bissantz achieves a good set of results once again in this year’s BI Survey. Excellent ratings in many important KPIs including ‘Business benefits’, ‘Project success’, ‘Customer satisfaction’, ‘Product satisfaction’ and ‘Recommendation’ help to consolidate its position as a leading BI vendor in the DACH region. The BI Survey results show Bissantz to be an innovative vendor, working hard to give its customers value for money. Users pay back these efforts with plenty of positive feedback in The BI Survey, confirming that end-user satisfaction levels are high in the Bissantz user community.

Consistently top-ranked in data discovery/visualization

Peer group: Integrated performance management products

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BI Survey 16 Awards

Bissantz DeltaMaster

Peer Groups EMEA-focused vendors, Integrated performance management products, OLAP analysis-focused products, Self-service reporting-focused products
VendorBissantz & Company
Number of responses94
OfficesGermany (HQ)
Employees100 approx.
Customers500 approx.
Revenues (2015)n/s

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Quotes from the BI Survey 16

Bissantz is top-ranked in business benefits in three of its four peer groups, indicating that many customers benefit from using the product. … Bissantz has scored consistently well in the ‘Business benefits’ KPI for several years.
The BI Survey 16
Bissantz’s experienced consulting team and partners should also take some credit for this excellent result as the level of support they provide is highly rated year after year by customers.
The BI Survey 16
Bissantz has been the top-ranked integrated performance management product in terms of data discovery/visualization in The BI Survey for the last four years.
The BI Survey 16
Innovative capacity of the vendor’ is one of the main reasons customers cite when choosing Bissantz ahead of other tools in the crowded DACH region BI market. The vendor has been considered an innovation leader in the integrated performance management products peer group for the last five years.
The BI Survey 16
Bissantz and its DeltaMaster product are pioneers in visualization and design. For years, the product has led the way in terms of visual design standards in The BI Survey.
The BI Survey 16

Planning Product Profile

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