Domo is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that unifies access to an organization’s data through a single, self-service solution for all business roles, allowing anyone to leverage the information they need to make smarter choices in real time.

Founded in 2010 in American Fork, Utah, Domo launched its first BI product in 2012, but operated in stealth mode until 2015, approaching customers on a one-to-one basis and asking them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. After 2015, Domo quickly garnered attention through mass marketing campaigns and raised nearly $700 million in venture capital funding from 48 investors. Domo went public in June 2018 raising an additional $200 million in capital. The company has over 800 employees who serve over 2,000 customers.

Domo’s Business Cloud platform aims to supply customers with modern end-to-end BI capabilities such as data integration and management, BI and analytics, as well as intelligent apps. Domo’s product strategy and enhancements are aligned across three pillars: data agility, data literacy and intelligent action.

From the beginning, Domo has focused on helping customers transform the way business is managed by putting well governed and actionable data in the hands of everyone across the organization. Domo believes that in order for businesspeople to best understand their business, ask questions and take well-informed actions, access to all the relevant data is critical. To meet this goal, Domo offers around 1,000 connectors, which it has built and manages. Domo Business Cloud was designed to acquire data into the Domo cloud. Over the years, Domo has also incorporated federated capabilities to allow data to be queried at source. Recently, the vendor has optimized its multi-cloud query capabilities to support the distributed landscapes that are an often painful reality for many organizations today.

Domo believes that business technology must be as easy-to-use and intuitive as mobile consumer applications, while providing enterprise-grade scalability and security features. Following this, Domo’s Business Cloud platform is designed first for cloud and mobile. Domo offers iOS and Android apps as mobile clients. The vendor also aims to provide customers with a no-code app-building environment which enables apps to be built once and deployed anywhere. Domo is also investing in other trending areas such as advanced analytics and natural language processing, while making sure it integrates all new capabilities on top of its governed platform.

User & Use Cases

Customers use Domo in several scenarios. Nearly all use the solution’s dashboarding capabilities and the vast majority relies on its reporting functionality as well. Ad hoc queries and basic data analysis are also among the most used scenarios for customers. This is no surprise, as Domo markets itself as a self-service tool for all users to explore their data and find insights. A smaller number of users use it to analyze data from budgeting and planning or financial consolidation. Advanced analytics can be expected to be used more often in the future. Customers’ planned use of advanced analysis is indicative of Domo’s investment in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Compared to the average, a higher percentage of Domo users use the tool to analyze and explore data. In addition, Domo also has almost twice the average product penetration rate among its customers who are primarily medium-sized and small companies. This speaks to Domo’s focus on non-technical business users throughout the enterprise. The tools most often evaluated in competition with Domo are Tableau and Power BI.

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