Founded in 2010 in American Fork, Utah, Domo has 800 employees and multiple partners. Domo has raised just under $700 million in ten rounds from 41 investors, according to, and has enjoyed a 100% year-over-year growth rate for several years. The platform is divided into five segments: connect, prepare, visualize, engage and optimize. Domo offers over 400 ready-to-use connectors to almost any data source imaginable.

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To prepare data, Domo has an onboard ETL tool dubbed Magic ETL. Business users have hundreds of different visualizations and charts to choose from when building cards, or dashboards. Buzz is Domo’s collaboration platform so users can share and collaborate within Domo. Optimize refers to features that help users run their businesses more efficiently, such as the 1,000+ pre-built apps.

Domo is a business intelligence tool that runs on Domo’s Business Cloud platform. The tool is designed to consolidate an organization’s data into one easy-to-use, self-service solution for all business roles, so anyone can access the data they need and make better decisions. This confident branding is backed up by Domo’s cult following of customers, also known as ‘domosapiens’, who collectively praise Domo’s offering.

According to Founder and CEO Josh James, “Domo is by far the largest analytics cloud platform, storing 100 trillion rows of data from all its customers in the last 12 months.” That equates to 25 petabytes of data.

User & Use Cases

Domo has a generally even distribution of customers using it for dashboards, enterprise reporting, ad hoc queries and basic data analysis. This is no surprise as Domo markets itself as a self-service tool for all users to explore their data and find insights.

A much smaller number of users engage in financial consolidation, budgeting and planning, and advanced analytics. Domo also has nearly twice the average product penetration rate among its customers who are primarily small and medium-sized companies.

Compared to the average, a higher percentage of Domo users use the tool to view data, explore and analyze, navigate, and model and enrich. This speaks to Domo’s multi-purpose design and focus on ease of use. It is interesting to see such a high future interest in Domo for the advanced analysis use case, maybe showing Domo customers are maturing the analyses in their applications from descriptive to predictive.

The tool most often evaluated in competition with Domo is Tableau. It is also frequently evaluated in comparison with Power BI, Qlik Sense and MicroStrategy.

Current vs. planned use

N = 30

Business Intelligence Use Cases of Domo

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Domo

N = 27

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Domo

Percentage of employees using Domo

N = 28

Percentage of employees using Domo

Number of users using Domo

N = 28

Tasks carried out with Domo by business users

N = 25

Tasks carried out with Domo by business users

Company size (number of employees)

N = 28

Company size of Domo users

Summary of Domo highlights

This year is Domo’s first appearance in The BI Survey, and it is impressively placed in three peer groups, achieving thirteen top-ranked positions and twenty-seven leadership positions.

Among its dashboarding-focused peers, Domo is top-ranked in the ‘Business benefits’, ‘Cloud BI’, ‘Operational BI’, and ‘Innovation’ KPIs. Domo beats all its self-service reporting-focused peers in the ‘Cloud BI’, ‘Mobile BI’, ‘Operational BI’ and ‘innovation’ KPIs.

Finally, Domo achieves top ranks in ‘Data volume’, ‘Cloud BI’, ‘Mobile BI’, ‘Operational BI’, and ‘Innovation’ when compared to other Americas-focused vendors.

Business benefits – Top-ranked

Peer group: Dashboarding-focused products

Cloud BI – Top-ranked

Peer group: Dashboarding-focused products

Operational BI – Top-ranked

Peer group: Dashboarding-focused products

Innovation – Top-ranked

Peer group: Dashboarding-focused products

Mobile BI – Top-ranked

Peer group: Self-service reporting-focused products

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BI Survey 17 Awards


Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Self-service reporting-focused products
Number of responses30
OfficesAmerican Fork, Utah
Revenues (2016)Undisclosed

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Quotes from the BI Survey 17

Across all three of its peer groups, more Domo customers say they would recommend the product than most customers using other products.
The BI Survey 17
Domo is the top-ranked vendor for the ‘Cloud BI’ KPI in each of its peer groups. The vendor has been dedicated to a cloud-first approach from the beginning. Operating in the cloud enables Domo to scale resources to meet customer needs and manage the infrastructure and redundancy of each customer’s instance. The product runs on the Business Cloud platform, so all Domo customers automatically use Domo in the cloud. Domo has deployments on both private and public clouds, such as Amazon and Azure. It further offers hybrid cloud solutions for customers that need to address security concerns or a strict regulatory requirement.
The BI Survey 17
It‘s exceeded all my expectations. I‘ve been in BI for 20 years, and grew up with BOBJ, Microstrategy, Brio, Cognos, etc. I‘ve used Tableau, Qlik, Looker and others, and Domo I‘ve never seen results with end users like I have with this tool. It‘s exactly what our organization needed.
Head of business department, Financial services, 100-2.500 employees
Great application that has dramatically improved our staff‘s ability to understand our clients‘ use of our services. Wonderfully easy-to-use with short learning curve for end-users.
CIO, Services, 100-2.500 employees
Domo scores a perfect 10.0 for operational BI. A large number of Domo customers derive insights from data coming directly out of production systems, or real-time data.
The BI Survey 17