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  • BI Product

    Bissantz DeltaMaster

    Bissantz & Company (Bissantz) was founded in 1996 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company initially specialized in solutions for sophisticated data analysis tasks in business environments. Today, it has about 100 employees based in four locations in Germany.

  • BI Product


    CALUMO offers a BI, analytics and CPM application that gives organizations a platform to create and deliver reporting and business planning models. The primary content authoring environment for CALUMO is Excel. Once the CALUMO add-in is installed, users can create spreadsheets, charts and dashboards in Excel and publish them to the web via features appearing on Excel’s ribbon menu.

  • BI Product

    cubus Serviceware Performance

    Founded in 1992 and based near Stuttgart, Germany, cubus (a Serviceware company) currently has approximately 35-40 employees and claims to have more than 400 companies using its software.

  • BI Product


    Entrinsik has built a reputation as a BI software vendor in the higher education, insurance, manufacturing and distribution industry sectors. Its Informer product integrates with all types of data sources including NoSQL MultiValue databases, which are still heavily used in mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. Informer 5 offers robust data integration and self-service BI capabilities through a web interface.

  • BI Product

    Information Builders WebFOCUS

    WebFOCUS is a flexible and scalable web-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform with front ends and decision support tools for formatted reporting, ad hoc reporting, self-service, dashboards and analysis, as well as for the development of custom applications. A lot of customers still use the custom application development environment with its highly flexible 4GL language.

  • BI Product


    MicroStrategy is one of the best-known vendors in the analytics and BI market worldwide. It was the first vendor to release a fully integrated product that provides formatted reports, dashboards and interactive data discovery in a single solution using the same infrastructure. MicroStrategy is a US headquartered company with offices around the world. This presence is backed by numerous selected partners.

  • BI Product

    Qlik Sense

    Qlik, originally founded in 1993 in Lund, Sweden, moved its headquarters to the United States in 2005 after raising funds from several venture capital firms. QlikView, the company’s only product at the time, was very aggressively marketed after the VC investment. This created attention and traction, and in 2010 Qlik went public on NASDAQ. In 2016, Qlik was acquired by a private equity company and delisted from the stock exchange.

  • BI Product


    Qlik, originally founded in 1993 in Lund, Sweden, moved its headquarters to the United States in 2005 after raising funds from several venture capital firms. QlikView, the company’s only product at the time, was very aggressively marketed after the VC investment. This created attention and traction, and in 2010 Qlik went public on NASDAQ. In 2016, Qlik was acquired by a private equity company and delisted from the stock exchange.

  • BI Product

    SAP Analytics Cloud

    SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP’s strategic cloud offering and analytics platform, brings together analytics capabilities such as business intelligence and data visualization, planning and augmented analytics for different user roles into one integrated product and user experience. In addition to using it with its own data models, the product can also be used as a front end for other SAP data sources in hybrid cloud scenarios (e.g., with SAP HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, etc.) without moving, caching or persisting the data into the cloud.

  • BI Product


    TARGIT Decision Suite is an integrated BI platform that offers integrated data discovery, self-service analysis, ad hoc reporting and dashboarding capabilities. There are also modules for batch reporting, mobile BI, storyboards and data mashups.

  • BI Product

    Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Analytics is a cloud-based reporting and analysis solution aimed at business users which is also available for on-premises deployments. Ease of use is a key selling point of the product, which employs an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Board


    Board was founded in 1994 and employs more than 400 people worldwide. Both its European head office and software development headquarters are located in Chiasso, Switzerland. A second regional US headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Cubeware


    Founded in 1997 and based in Kolbermoor, Germany, Cubeware has more than 100 employees in five German offices as well as subsidiaries in the DACH region; San Jose, USA; and Bangalore, India (additional off-shore development). In 2008, Cubeware was acquired by Cranes, a vendor based in India. Primrose Investments GmbH now owns Cubeware, having acquired it from Cranes Group in 2016.

  • DigDash

    DigDash Enterprise

    [The BI Survey 19 results, not included in The BI & Analytics Survey 21] DigDash Enterprise is a solution designed for business users to create interactive data applications. This main dashboard functionality is complemented by a set of predefined statistical methods as well as R and Python integration, ad hoc query capabilities within dashboard applications and functions to create PowerPoint and Excel documents based on dashboard content, text and video material.

  • Dimensional Insight

    Dimensional Insight

    [The BI Survey 19 results, not included in The BI & Analytics Survey 21] The Diver Platform from Dimensional Insight is a full-stack BI platform that addresses compliance with reporting and analysis needs in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, goods and services, and manufacturing supply chains in the United States as well as higher education, government, transportation and insurance in EMEA.

  • Dundas Data Visualization Inc.


    Founded in 1992, Dundas began building its reputation as an innovator in visualization software with its ‘Chart’ product which it sold to Microsoft in 2007. Today, Dundas is a privately held company with approximately 100 employees headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

  • Exago


    Exago BI is a modern web-based BI and analytics solution strongly focused on the provision of interactive embedded analytics features. The solution includes features for dashboard creation, ad hoc query and formatted reporting. It was built for business users as content creators.

  • IBM

    IBM Cognos Analytics

    IBM Cognos Analytics is a web-based product for formatted reporting, dashboards, ad hoc reporting and analysis based on a central end-to-end platform for administration, data preparation and modeling. A completely revamped UI was introduced in version 11 including the interactive viewer and the capability to search and navigate content and build new reports, dashboards and data modules. Data modeling (and data preparation) for business users has become a central capability of the Cognos Analytics platform, which is a clear shift from the developer-oriented Framework Manager.

  • IBM

    IBM Planning Analytics

    IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is essentially a high-performance, multidimensional in-memory database for analytics and planning. The solution, which uses Excel as its main front end, offers capabilities for creating content (e.g., modeling, templates) in Excel and publishing it to the web. The product is a development environment targeted at business power users that, like Excel, is initially open for all kinds of applications (planning, analysis, strategy management).

  • Infor

    Infor d/EPM

    Infor is a global US-based vendor of ERP, CRM, analytics, SCM and other industry-focused business software solutions. The company was founded in 2002, has 170 locations worldwide and supports over 67,000 customers in around 200 countries. Infor is privately held by Golden Gate Capital, Koch Industries and Summit Partners.

  • Jedox

    Jedox Suite

    Jedox is a flexible analytics and CPM product for planning, reporting, analysis and financial consolidation. The suite, which runs on the company’s own multidimensional database, is designed for business users. The underlying philosophy of Jedox is to extend the familiar Excel environment with specific analytics and CPM functionality. The solution offers both an Excel client and a web interface resembling a spreadsheet as front ends.

  • Logi Analytics

    Logi Analytics

    The Logi Analytics Platform serves a wide range of analytical users as well as developers. IT professionals can take charge of assembling custom-tailored BI and analytics experiences or product managers can deploy user-ready self-service tools. Customers can also deploy the Logi Analytics Platform – along with optional modules for self-service – on-premises or in public clouds through the purchase of an annual subscription license.

  • insightsoftware

    Longview Analytics

    Longview Analytics provides functionality for building individual BI and analytics applications for dashboards, reporting and analysis. The product offers a comprehensive set of components for developing tailor-made BI and analytics applications with individual screen layouts. With the product’s open approach to data connectivity, direct access to all major databases, applications and systems in their native environments is available.

  • Looker


    Looker was founded in 2012 in Santa Cruz, CA, and has continuously grown since then. The vendor already had about 200 employees in 2015 and now employs over 800 people across eight locations. With the opening of the UK office in 2015, Looker started to grow its business in Europe. 1,800 customers are already using its product. In 2020, Looker became part of the Google Cloud portfolio.

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel is the best known, most used product for analyzing and reporting data from a variety of sources. It provides business-user-oriented capabilities for data integration, transformation, modeling and analysis. Users can choose between the installed Windows client, the web client (Office 365) and mobile versions of the software. Data models created with Excel can be published to SQL Server, Power BI or Azure for reuse and governance purposes.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft Power BI

    Power BI is a cloud-based BI product designed for business users to access and combine different data sources for data discovery, visualization and interactive dashboards. It was released as a cloud-only product by Microsoft in 2015. Power BI comes with built-in data preparation and many innovative features and functions such as natural language query and machine learning driven “Quick Insights” for automated discovery.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft SSRS

    Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is the SQL Server component for the creation of various report formats as well as the publication of content such as reports, KPIs, and Excel and Power BI files using a central web-based portal. Besides Reporting Services, Microsoft SQL Server also includes a relational database management system, data integration and data quality components, and the multidimensional database SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

  • Oracle

    Oracle Analytics Platform

    Oracle Analytics Server (OAS, former Oracle BI) is a platform for dashboards, formatted reports, ad hoc reports, analysis, data preparation and machine learning. The vendor continues to expand the platform by providing machine learning and augmented analytics capabilities such as automated insights and natural language queries to enhance self-service.

  • Phocas


    Phocas was founded in 2001 in the UK and is now a medium-sized company with full-service offices on three continents. The company has shown continuous growth over the last ten years. It now has around 1,700 customers and reported revenues of AU$34 million for the 2019 fiscal year. Phocas now has over 91 percent recurring subscription revenue, spread fairly evenly between the UK, Australia and North America. The self-funded company is still a private company held by the founders.

  • Pyramid Analytics


    Founded in 2009, Pyramid Analytics is a privately held software company with close to 200 employees. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom. Research and development largely take place in Israel with a dedicated team of 50 developers.

  • Report One

    Report One

    Report One’s MyReport Business Evolution is a BI solution integrated in the familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment and comes with a web portal-based dashboarding solution for distributing dynamic data to multiple users. The product’s philosophy is to enhance the analytical capabilities of Microsoft Excel and promote the reuse of data to spread controlled information across the organization. Report One aims to help its customers to be more efficient at every step, from the integration of enterprise data all the way through to the consumption of reports, dashboards and analyses.

  • InfoFabrik GmbH


    [The BI Survey 19 results, not included in The BI & Analytics Survey 21] InfoFabrik offers BI specific consulting services for the financial sector including data warehousing, the development of KPI systems and reporting infrastructure. In 2013, the company began implementing its own BI software called ReportServer. ReportServer supports the deployment of formatted reports from
    different report engines as well as ad hoc and OLAP analyses. The aim of the vendor is to meet
    dedicated, recurring information needs with standardized reports provided to a variety of different users. With its cost effective licensing and openness towards scripting APIs, the product is suitable for companies of any size with static and recurring information requirements as well as for those with specific needs that require customization.

  • SAP


    The SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Business Intelligence (BI) Suite (SAP BI) is part of SAP’s on-premises BI portfolio, which incorporates various end-user business intelligence tools with a moderate level of integration. The suite contains a few strong individual products for reporting as well as several clients for various types of analysis. It also offers good capabilities for building customized guided BI applications that can be published to the web or mobile devices.

  • SAS

    SAS Platform

    SAS’s traditional business intelligence offering is called Enterprise BI Server. For end users, the Enterprise BI Server includes web clients such as Web Report Studio (WRS), BI Dashboard and a series of Windows clients including Enterprise Guide (EG) and OLAP Cube Studio. Additionally, SAS Visual Analytics was released back in 2012 with the goal of migrating SAS customers to a new, modern in-memory platform.

  • Sisense


    [The BI Survey 19 results, not included in The BI & Analytics Survey 21] Sisense is an integrated BI and Analytics platform architected to support on-premises as well as cloud-based deployments. The product is commonly used to deliver dashboard applications, standard and enterprise reports, and embedded BI applications mostly for small to mid-sized organizations.

  • Tableau Software (A Salesforce Company)


    The Tableau platform is a set of business-user-friendly analysis, data visualization and data preparation tools. Its core comprises a full client and a web server with connectors to a wide variety of data sources, including local data. Its structured, intuitive user interface, built-in intelligence and memory utilization to optimize performance contribute to its popularity for self-service BI (SSBI), data discovery and interactive dashboards.

  • Yellowfin


    The Yellowfin platform is a mature, user-friendly BI suite with integrated modules for diverse tasks including data preparation, analysis, report building and dashboards as well as alerting and data storytelling. It offers engaging visualization, collaboration and interactive presentation features that demonstrate the company’s emphasis and experience in making analytics and BI content consumption as easy as possible while reaching as many users as possible.