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SAP was founded in 1972 as a business applications company, long before it entered the BI market with the acquisition of Business Objects (BO) in 2008. Today SAP is one of the largest applications vendors worldwide. Its original strategy was to view BI as an extension of its all-inclusive ERP offerings. Therefore, SAP launched SAP Business Warehouse (BW) in 1998, a completely packaged and plug-and-play BI solution designed to complement SAP ERP applications. Today, SAP is investing heavily in building SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), its next generation analytics platform which combines BI, planning and predictive analytics in one decision-making platform delivered as software as a service. It also continues to provide on-premises solutions such as SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC). In the cloud analytics segment, SAP offers additional solutions such as SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP Analytics Hub (both built on SAP Analytics Cloud) and SAP S/4HANA Finance for Group Reporting.

SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP’s strategic cloud offering, brings together analytics capabilities such as data discovery and visualization, planning and predictive analysis for different users into one product. With a large and growing development team, Analytics Cloud is becoming richer in features such as application design, planning and predictive functionality. SAC can be integrated with SAP BPC, SAP’s recommended product for those requiring an on-premises planning solution, in a so-called hybrid scenario (aligning master data and transaction data) and used as a data entry front end on top of SAP BW systems. The product offers live and import connectivity. With its live connectivity to BPC 11, no data needs to be transferred to SAC. BPC Standard models can be integrated using the automated import/export capabilities of SAC. Moreover, SAC can connect directly to data sources such as SAP BW/4HANA and SAP BO Universes without moving, caching or persisting the data into the cloud.

Additional BI capabilities in the SAP Analytics portfolio are available via SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise for on-premises deployments. These are designed to work together with SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP BO incorporates various end-user tools with a moderate level of integration. The suite contains strong individual products as well as several clients for various types of analysis and capabilities for building custom guided BI applications that can be published to the web or mobile devices. The suite currently consists of the following products: SAP Crystal Reports, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, SAP Lumira and SAP Analysis for Office. Some products leverage the central Universe semantic layer to access data sources, while others access data sources directly. Organizations can access and manage both on-premises and cloud content from SAP and third parties with SAP Analytics Hub, part of SAP Analytics Cloud.

User & Use Cases

Besides planning, customers mainly use SAP Analytics Cloud today for dashboards/scorecards (74 percent), standard/enterprise reporting (54 percent), ad hoc query and reporting (50 percent) and basic data analysis (50 percent). 69 percent of respondents plan to use it for advanced analysis in the future. SAP Analytics Cloud targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries. 53 percent of our sample of SAP Analytics Cloud customers come from large companies (more than 2,500 employees). Customers have a median of 90 users (with 25 of them using planning functionality), but the mean of 512 users (97 for planning) indicates there are also some significantly larger implementations. 52 percent of SAP Analytics Cloud users are planning users – well below the survey average of 63 percent – reflecting the fact that SAP Analytics Cloud is essentially an integrated tool with planning as well as strong BI functionality.

Current vs. planned use (besides planning)


Percentage of employees using SAP Analytics Cloud


Planning users (as a percentage of all users)


Total number of users per company


Planning users per company


Company size (number of employees)


Summary of SAP Analytics Cloud highlights

With 31 top ranks and 28 leading ranks across five different peer groups, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) achieves a very good set of results in this year’s Planning Survey. Convincing ratings in
numerous important KPIs help SAP to consolidate its position as a global market-leading planning and BI vendor. Companies can benefit from using SAC in terms of improved integration of strategic and operational planning, reduced costs, increased competitive advantage and reduced resource requirements for planning. An impressive 83 percent of respondents are ‘somewhat
satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with SAC, a major reason behind its recommendation rate of 86 percent. With SAC, SAP offers a combined BI, planning and predictive analytics decisionmaking
platform, which customers appear to be very satisfied with.

Business benefits – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Global Vendors

Business value – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Global Vendors

Customer satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Global Vendors

Planning content – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Enteprise Software Vendors

Recommendation – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Global Vendors

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The Planning Survey results based on feedback from SAP Analytics Cloud users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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Planning Survey 19 Awards

SAP Analytics Cloud

Peer Groups BI-focused products, Enterprise software vendors, European vendors, Global vendors, Solution-focused planning products
VendorSAP Analytics Cloud
Number of responses30
ProductSAP Analytics Cloud
OfficesOffices in more than 130 countries worldwide
Customers> 425,000 (in total, not only BI customers)
Revenues (2018)€ 23.46 billion

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Quotes from the Planning Survey 19

Just the right product for our SMEs.
Line of business employee, manufacturing, 101-2,500 employees
Great product with a robust product roadmap.
Consultant, media/publishing, >2,500 employees
Very good project support by implementation partners! High flexibility of the solution.
Head of business department, services, 1012,500 employees
Very fast implementation of tasks possible, very high development speed, good analytics functionality.
Consultant, retail/wholesale/trade,> 2,500 employees
Very good integration in BW and combination of reporting and planning in one tool.
Consultant, consulting,> 2,500 employee