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OneStream Software is an independent US-based CPM software company headquartered in Rochester, Michigan. The vendor was founded by the people behind Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and UpStream Software, now known as Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM). OneStream started developing and building the software in 2008, initially as an R&D company that transformed into an operational company in 2010. Currently the vendor has seven offices in the US and Europe with a total of approximately 300 employees. In 2019, OneStream received a significant external investment from KKR, funded through a combination of KKR’s private equity and growth equity funds.

OneStream’s CPM platform unifies financial consolidation, reporting, planning, analysis and data quality in one single application. The product is available for deployment in the cloud (Microsoft Azure) or on-premises. The vision behind OneStream XF was to create a single platform which allows for an integrated CPM approach to support all the various CPM processes and information streams in companies. Furthermore, the OneStream XF MarketPlace provides more than 50 productivity tools and business solutions that allow customers to extend the platform to meet their individual needs. All OneStream developed solutions are available free of charge to active customers.

OneStream targets mostly finance business users in mid-size and large international companies across all industries, which often belong to a group of companies. The vendor employs a direct sales model to sell the product. A comprehensive partner network is in place to support customers with implementation services. According to its own accounts, more than 300 corporate groups currently use OneStream XF.

OneStream XF is essentially a financial consolidation and planning platform with built-in financial data quality functionality that covers financial and management reporting, analytics and dashboarding. The product is primarily focused on financial performance management and provides a proprietary in-memory financial analytic engine, offering built-in financial intelligence that uses Microsoft SQL Server as a data store. Company-wide consolidated financial results statements and plans (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow) at subsidiary or group level can be created. To address operational planning scenarios other than financial planning (e.g., sales or HR planning), OneStream provides predefined apps in its MarketPlace. Moreover, eight additional dimensions are available in the data model (on top of ten predefined dimensions), which can be used freely to model custom sub-budgets. For individual, flexible (ad hoc) reporting and analysis, OneStream recommends either its included spreadsheet interface or its Excel add-in as front ends.

User & Use Cases

Besides planning, customers mainly use OneStream XF for financial consolidation (93 percent), standard/enterprise reporting (89 percent), ad hoc query and reporting (89 percent) and dashboards/scorecards (71 percent). 30 percent of respondents plan to use it for advanced analysis and 29 percent for dashboards/scorecards in the future. OneStream XF targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries. 61 percent of our sample of OneStream XF customers come from large companies (more than 2,500 employees) with a median of 108 users (with 63 of them using planning functionality). However, the mean of 585 users (150 for planning) indicates there are also some significantly larger implementations. 54 percent of OneStream XF users are planning users – some way below the survey average of 63 percent – reflecting the fact that OneStream XF is essentially a financial consolidation and planning platform.

Current vs. planned use (besides planning)


Percentage of employees using OneStream XF


Planning users (as a percentage of all users)


Total number of users per company


Planning users per company


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Summary of OneStream XF highlights

With 30 top ranks and eight leading ranks across two different peer groups, OneStream XF again achieves an excellent set of results in this year’s Planning Survey. Convincing ratings in numerous important KPIs help to consolidate its position as a fast growing and effective CPM vendor. Companies can benefit from using OneStream XF in terms of increased transparency of planning, better quality of planning results and improved employee satisfaction. 89 percent of respondents are ‘somewhat satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with OneStream XF, a major reason behind its high recommendation rate of 96 percent. OneStream XF offers a unified platform for financial consolidation, reporting, planning, analysis and data quality in one single application.

Customer satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Financial Performance Management Products

Functionality – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Financial Performance Management Products

Planning content – Top-ranked

Peer Group: North American Vendors

Product satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Financial Performance Management Products

Recommendation – Top-ranked

Peer Group: Financial Performance Management Products

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The Planning Survey results based on feedback from OneStream XF users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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Planning Survey 19 Awards

OneStream XF

Peer Groups Financial performance management products, North American Vendors
VendorOneStream Software
Number of responses28
ProductOneStream XF
Offices7 offices worldwide in United States (HQ), Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands
Employees> 300
Customers> 300
Revenues (2018)n/s

Product Video

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Quotes from the Planning Survey 19

It is the best. Everyone up to the CFO and CEO recognize how this software has transformed our company‘s reporting and planning. We couldn‘t be happier.
External consultant, consulting, less than 100 employees
OneStream is the best CPM platform in the market, coupled with the lower cost than many of the longer established competitors, making OneStream not only the leader in the space from a technological standpoint but the best value for the money as well.
Person responsible/Project manager for departmental BI, healthcare, more than 2,500 employees
96 percent of OneStream XF users say they would definitely recommend their planning product to other organizations – an incredibly high result. This suggests that the vendor is able to keep its word with regard to its mission statement “Every customer must be a reference and success”.
The Planning Survey 19
Many customers consider OneStream XF easy to use and the product ranks top in both its peer groups. The level of complaints about ease of use post-implementation is quite low.
The Planning Survey 19
Good coverage of planning specific requirements’ is among the main reasons why companies choose OneStream XF. The product provides centralized top-down planning, decentralized bottom-up planning or a combination of both approaches.
The Planning Survey 19