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Established in 2002, Jedox has grown into a team of more than 150 employees. The vendor serves clients worldwide through its headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, its seven international offices, and a partner network.

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The company’s flagship product is Jedox Suite, a flexible BI and performance management product with planning, reporting and analysis capabilities. The suite runs on the company’s own multidimensional in-memory database. The underlying philosophy of Jedox Suite is to extend the familiar Excel environment with specific BI functionality. The solution, which offers both an Excel client and Web interface resembling a spreadsheet as front ends, was first launched in 2004. The Excel add-in is a classic spreadsheet interface combining well-known Excel functions with additional Jedox features. The Web client has a browser-based spreadsheet interface – a type of Excel on the Web – with additional functions. According to the company, more than 1,900 clients use the Jedox product today.

The product is aimed at business power users who create individual planning, reporting and analysis applications with the flexible multidimensional in-memory database in a familiar spreadsheet environment. However, tasks such as integrating data into Jedox OLAP Server may require IT support. Trained business users can later take on responsibility for the administration and further development of Jedox applications. These applications can be published to large groups of users through Jedox Web and Jedox Mobile. Centralized top-down and decentralized bottom-up planning scenarios can be implemented with Jedox. Classified as a development environment, in its latest version Jedox now provides predefined planning models for P&L, cost center, sales and HR via its own marketplace integrated in Jedox Suite.

User & Use Cases

Jedox Suite is a flexible BI and performance management product. Besides planning, Jedox is typically used for ad hoc query, standard/enterprise reporting, data analysis and dashboarding. Many customers also intend to use Jedox for advanced analysis in the future.

As the company size figures show, Jedox is mainly used in mid-sized companies (100-2,500 employees) with a median number of 30 users in a common environment (with 15 of them using planning functionality).

However, the mean of 71 users per company (39 users for planning) tells us that the product can also be used in larger environments. 69 percent of Jedox users are planning users – compared to the survey average of 60 percent – reflecting the fact that Jedox is a planning tool that also offers comprehensive functionality for BI.

Current vs. planned use (besides planning)

N = 97

Percentage of employees using Jedox Suite

N = 99

Planning users (as a percentage of all users)

N = 98

Total number of users per company

N = 99

Planning users per company

N = 98

Company size (number of employees)

N = 99

Summary of Jedox Suite highlights

Jedox achieves great results in this year’s Planning Survey. Excellent ratings in numerous important KPIs help to consolidate its position as a leading planning and BI vendor.

Companies can benefit from using Jedox in terms of improved integration of planning with reporting/analysis, increased transparency of planning, more precise/detailed planning, and reduced resource requirements for planning, which combine to lead to a better quality of planning results.

An impressive 95 percent of respondents are somewhat or very satisfied with Jedox, and 97 percent say they would probably or definitely recommend Jedox to other companies. With its flexible suite approach, Jedox offers considerable flexibility to users wanting to address various planning and BI use cases on one integrated platform.

Business Benefits - Top-ranked

Peer Group: development-oriented planning solutions

Project Length - Top-ranked

Peer Group: development-oriented planning solutions

Competitive Win Rate - Top-ranked

Peer Group: development-oriented planning solutions

Planning Functionality - Top-ranked

Peer Group: development-oriented planning solutions

Ease of Use - Top-ranked

Peer Group: development-oriented planning solutions

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Planning Survey 17 Awards

Jedox Suite

Peer Groups DACH-focused vendors, Development-oriented planning solutions, Performance management specialists
Number of responses98
OfficesGermany (HQ), France, United States, Australia, Singapore
Customers1,900 (premium version)
Revenues (2016)n/s

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Quotes from the Planning Survey 17

Business benefits such as improved integration of planning with reporting/analysis, increased transparency of planning, better quality of planning results, more precise/detailed planning and reduced resource requirements for planning are regularly achieved with Jedox.
The Planning Survey 17
Jedox's competitive win rate - based on the percentage of deals won in competitive evaluations against other vendors - is impressive.
The Planning Survey 17
Having planning and BI functionality in one single product can be of great benefit to customers, particularly those wanting to improve the integration of planning with their reporting and analysis.
The Planning Survey 17
Jedox’s single-product offering provides functionality for many different use cases such as planning, reporting, analysis and dashboarding. This gives customers a degree of flexibility in addressing various needs.
The Planning Survey 17
The vendor’s Excel add-in and browser-based spreadsheet interface, as well as the underlying philosophy to extend the familiar Excel environment with BI functionality, clearly seem to convince and satisfy customers. Jedox’s user friendliness and the flexibility it gives to implement various planning and BI use cases on one common platform are key ingredients in the vendor’s success.
The Planning Survey 17

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