dataspot. is a privately-owned consultancy company and a service and technology provider headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2016, the company currently has more than 23 employees (plus 15 freelancers) and operates mainly in the DACH region. dataspot. started out as a data governance consultancy before developing its own data cataloging software for metadata management. Today, it provides a data governance solution and metadata management software, data excellence consulting and education services.

dataspot.’s software is strongly aligned with its data governance framework known as the Data Excellence Framework©. The framework helps to develop data governance in a step-by-step approach that takes all relevant strategic and organizational factors into account. The software can either be used independently or in combination with the framework. dataspot. software provides metadata-based cataloging and advanced data governance functionality, such as data quality, around a business data model. dataspot. strongly believes that data governance must be business-driven to be successful. By combining its software and framework, dataspot. wants customers to build a proper data strategy, data culture and literacy for successful data governance.

dataspot. focuses more on business users than on technical users. Nevertheless, technical data models have also been integrated and technical users are supported. The vendor’s customer base is still small with no emphasis on any particular industry sector.

The 100 percent open-source-based solution is delivered on-premises or as a service, and the container-based architecture can be operated in Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google. The centrally stored metadata can be searched, used and analyzed via a user-friendly web-based user interface. Users can navigate metadata with different modules depending on what they are looking to achieve. The functions provided in the modules are aligned with the Data Excellence Framework and should guide the user through the data governance process in a self-explanatory way. The modules include the business data model, reference data model, KPI dictionary, data usage catalog, data quality catalog, models and organizational models.

To cover specific data governance requirements, the software is fully customizable and metadata storage is 100 percent open for any changes. Moreover, concepts are in place to serve multiple business data models in parallel and to link them together (e.g., separate views for local entities). dataspot. relies on an open metadata model and standard interfaces to enable integration with the surrounding ecosystem and metadata exchange.

For data consumers, dataspot. provides data modeling with a business glossary, full-text search functionality, visual end-to-end data lineage (business and technical) with impact reports and basic collaboration.

In future versions, dataspot. plans to extend its functional scope, focusing on data governance with comprehensive workflow management.

User & Use Cases

As expected, 92 percent of the customers surveyed use dataspot. as a data governance solution. It is interesting to note that it is also used specifically for data quality management (67 percent) and master data management (67 percent). However, it is rather surprising that data preparation (40 percent) and data warehousing (46 percent) are cited so frequently. dataspot. does not process any data. It is a purely metadata-based tool for cataloging, monitoring and data quality monitoring. The software is used in companies of all sizes, but mainly in medium-sized organizations. It seems that the tool is used more by data experts than users at large based on the median figure of 16 users per installation. However, the mean of 79 indicates that larger numbers of users can be served by the tool. This applies mainly to the 36 percent segment of large companies that use the product. For maintenance and operation, a median of 2 people use the software.

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Summary of dataspot. highlights

dataspot.’s data governance solution achieved 11 top ranks and one leading position in the Data Governance Products peer group this year, including one maximum rating of 10/10 for Price to Value and a 9.9/10 for Usability. Half of dataspot.’s customers claim they experience no significant problems when using the product. dataspot. shows that less is more. Instead of supplying a huge range of functionality, it focuses on the essentials and a clear structure to support data stewards and business experts – and this approach is paying off handsomely.

Time to Market – Top-ranked

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Price to Value – Top-ranked

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Usability – Top-ranked

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Platform Reliability – Top-ranked

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Product Satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer group: Data Governance Products

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The Data Management Survey results based on feedback from dataspot. users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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Peer Groups Data Governance Products
Number of responses48
Employees23 (38 including contractors)
Revenues (2020)€4.3 million

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I am really very enthusiastic about dataspot. Due to its ease of use, I can only warmly recommend dataspot. to any company! Huge praise to dataspot. & Co.
Business analyst, IT, less than 100 employees
Finally, a tool where departments can document their data and everything around it (responsibility, lineage, data quality checks, reporting, interfaces) in one place. And it's fun to work with! How many tools can make that claim?
Business analyst, IT, less than 100 employees
Easy to use, very intuitive, covers all business metadata and links them intelligently; integrates data governance; no IT customizations required - works out of the box; additional fields can be created without IT.
Head of Data Management, banking and finance, 100-2,500 employees
The holistic nature of the solution from a business and technical perspective. It addresses the most important challenges in the area of data governance and also makes them measurable.
CEO/board member, real estate, 100-2,500 employees
I can highly recommend dataspot. to every company. Not only is the product convincing, but also the team behind it, because they are truly living it.
Business analyst, IT, 100-2,500 employees