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CP Corporate Planning AG (CP) is a software vendor and consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany. The company, which was founded in 1989, currently has approximately 130 employees worldwide. CP has regional and international offices in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. The company is one of the largest planning software vendors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in terms of software revenues.

CP offers solutions for operational management, integrated financial planning, financial consolidation and strategic management. A few years ago, CP combined its separate products into an integrated suite called CP-Suite with comprehensive functionality for users, including workflows, roles and rights. All modules have a common user interface and are based on an integrated database in Microsoft SQL Server. 3,900 customers worldwide use various modules of CP-Suite.

Corporate Planner, the planning product in CP-Suite, is targeted at business departments. The solution can be deployed both as a single desktop application as well as an enterprise solution for CPM and financial consolidation with over 100 individual planners as users. Across its entire customer base, Corporate Planner is used by an average of 10+ users per installation, yet it also supports installations with significantly larger numbers of users. Corporate Planner’s strengths include its intricate dialog boxes and wizards as well as comprehensive planning functionality and predefined reports and analyses that support business power users in a variety of tasks. The product provides centralized top-down planning, decentralized bottom-up planning as well as a combination of both approaches. The vendor does not focus on any particular planning topics (financials, sales, HR etc.) or industries.

User & Use Cases

CP-Suite is an integrated suite for operational management, integrated financial planning, financial consolidation and strategic management.

Besides planning, the product is mainly used for ad hoc query, standard/enterprise reporting, data analysis and financial consolidation. Use cases like dashboards/scorecards are topics for the future according to many respondents.

CP Products are mostly used in mid-sized companies with between 101 and 2,500 employees.

With only four percent of all employees using the product and a median of seven users in total (five of them for planning), CP-Suite is generally used in small scenarios.

Current vs. planned use (besides planning)


Percentage of employees using Corporate Planning


Planning users (as a percentage of all users)


Total number of users per company


Planning users per company


Company size (number of employees)


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Corporate Planner / CP-Suite

Peer Groups DACH-focused vendors, Flexible planning solutions, Performance management specialists
VendorCorporate Planning
Number of responses74
OfficesGermany (HQ), Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom
Revenues (2016)€ 13,5 million