BOARD was founded in 1994 and employs approximately 220 people worldwide. Both its head office and software development headquarters (employing 30 people) are located in Chiasso, Switzerland. BOARD has offices in 16 countries and a partner network in over 30 countries. More than 3,000 customers worldwide use BOARD to implement both planning and BI projects. BOARD generated € 35 million in software turnover (licenses and maintenance) in 2015. 

BOARD is a one-product company and provides a combined product consisting of a front end and a proprietary multidimensional database. It is a flexible development environment for creating planning, dashboarding, reporting, analysis and predictive analytics applications. According to its own accounts, BOARD does 50 percent of its projects in the planning area and 50 percent with BI topics. The product offers strong functionality, especially for planning and simulation use cases, and provides a consistent environment for administration, development and utilization. Due to the tight integration between front and back end, the proprietary BOARD database allows only limited access for third-party front ends. However, it means customers can use data integration, database modeling and end-user functionality in the same front end.

BOARD has significantly enhanced functionality for self-service BI and planning with its latest version. For example, it now provides self-service data discovery with Data Fast Track. Data Fast Track empowers business power users to integrate local or enterprise data with information in BOARD’s database and enables fast creation of new data models with automatic recognition of cubes, dimensions and relationships.

User & Use Cases

BOARD is typically used for standard and enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, planning and budgeting, and basic data analysis. An integrated module for advanced and predictive analysis was released in BOARD 9. 50 percent of respondents are currently considering using BOARD’s predictive functionality in the future.

As the company size figures show, BOARD is mainly used in mid-sized companies (100-2,500 employees) with a median number of 50 users in a common environment. However, the mean of 110 users per company tells us the product is also used in larger environments. As the tasks carried out with BOARD by business users show, its toolkit is targeted at business power users who typically provide the majority of other users with content for viewing and navigating in data.

Current vs. planned use

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5 products most often evaluated in competition with BOARD

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Percentage of employees using BOARD

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Licensing models

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Number of users using BOARD

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Tasks carried out with BOARD by business users

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Company size (number of employees)

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Peer Groups Dashboarding-focused products, EMEA-focused vendors, Integrated performance management products, OLAP analysis-focused products
VendorBOARD International
Number of responses58
OfficesSwitzerland (HQ), Germany, UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, United States, Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, India, Dubai, China, Japan, Australia
EmployeesMore than 220 worldwide
Customers3,000 worldwide
Revenues (2015)Software revenue approx. EUR 35 million (licenses and maintenance)

Planning Product Profile

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