BOARD was founded in 1994 and employs more than 300 people worldwide. Both its European head office and software development headquarters with approximately 40 employees are located in Chiasso, Switzerland. A second regional US headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

BOARD has 23 offices worldwide and a partner network in over 30 countries. Around 3,000 customers worldwide use BOARD to implement BI and planning projects. The company currently has a strong focus on internationalization, particularly by building up its presence in the United States.

BOARD provides a combined product consisting of a front end and a proprietary multidimensional database. It is a flexible development environment for creating dashboarding, reporting, analysis, planning and predictive analytics applications and can also be used to build financial consolidation and strategy management applications. BOARD offers strong functionality, especially for planning and simulation use cases, and provides a consistent environment for administration, development and utilization. Due to its tightly integrated front and back ends, the proprietary BOARD database allows only limited access for third-party front ends.

BOARD’s product strategy is based on an “all-in-one” philosophy. The goal is to deliver an easy-to-use and technically homogeneous environment in support of BI and CPM. BOARD’s vision is to enable business users to implement tailored solutions without significant IT support, based on an easy-to-use toolkit with no technical programming needed.

Over the past few years, BOARD has strongly enhanced its innovative capacity, focusing on trending topics and providing new functionality. Besides BEAM (the vendor’s analytical engine for advanced analytics), BOARD has introduced a cloud offering, based on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, and self-service capabilities (called Data Fast Track).

With its current release, storytelling, collaboration and the incorporation of cognitive capabilities into the system (including cognitive search by natural language query (NLQ)) have been added to the product.

User & Use Cases

BOARD is essentially an integrated BI and CPM product. Besides its main use cases (standard/enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and budgeting/planning), BOARD is also frequently used for dashboards/scorecards and basic data analysis. 59 percent of respondents plan to use BOARD for advanced analysis and 31 percent for financial consolidation in the future.
BOARD targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries. 69 percent of our sample of BOARD customers come from mid-sized companies (100-2,500 employees) with a median of 70 users, but the mean of 161 users indicates there are also some larger implementations.
BOARD is geared to business power users with broad functionality for various BI and CPM tasks. Typical tasks carried out with BOARD by business power users include viewing, navigating and exploring data, which demonstrates the feature-richness of the product

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VendorBOARD International
Number of responses49
Offices24 offices in 17 countries worldwide
Revenues (2017)CHF 72.8 million