[The Planning Survey 18 results, not included in Planning Survey 19] Anaplan is a US-based software vendor headquartered in San Francisco and founded by the people behind Adaytum (ex-IBM Cognos Planning). The company currently has a further 17 subsidiaries worldwide and a total of approximately 950 employees, with over 200 of them in research and development. Several major investors have financed Anaplan’s growth and global expansion.

The Anaplan product began its development in 2006 and was officially released in 2011. The company’s name is a combination of analytics and planning. The product represents a new generation of planning platforms developed with state-of-the-art technologies on a modern software architecture. Anaplan is a purely cloud-based product using an in-memory database to store data (with patented Hyperblock technology). The goal behind Anaplan’s development was to create a new planning platform with the ease of use and flexibility of a spreadsheet and the scalability of an enterprise planning product in the cloud.

Anaplan targets corporate finance and business departments for FP&A and multiple supported use cases in large enterprises and groups worldwide. It has no particular industry focus. According to the vendor, it now has more than 800 global customers with a combined total of over 100,000 users. Implementations range from double-digit to several thousand users per installation.

As a cloud-based platform, Anaplan flexibly provides functionality for top-down as well as decentralized bottom-up planning approaches. With its platform approach, customers can create various planning models on different aggregation levels (strategic and operational planning) for an integrated enterprise planning approach (including financial planning). The vendor’s in-memory database supports detailed planning models with data up to transactional level (articles, stores, employees etc.).

Moreover, Anaplan and its partners offer more than 150 apps and planning models as predefined content via the App Hub site (e.g. for financial planning, sales planning, financial consolidation, strategy execution etc.).

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Offices20 offices in 13 countries worldwide
Employees> 1,000
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