OneStream Software is an independent US-based CPM software company backed by private equity investors. Headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan, USA, the company has offices in North America, Europe, the UK and APAC with more than 1,300 employees globally.

OneStream is a unified platform that supports various CPM processes and information streams in organizations. It integrates financial consolidation and close, planning, budgeting and forecasting, reporting, analysis and financial data quality management in one single application. In addition to the platform’s standard functionality, the OneStream Solution Exchange provides more than 75 prebuilt business and productivity solutions that allow customers to extend the platform with additional capabilities in areas such as finance/accounting (e.g., account reconciliations, transaction matching, tax provision, ESG, etc.), financial planning and analysis (e.g., specialty planning solutions, ML-enabled forecasting, etc.) and for specific industries. Solutions in the Solution Exchange are provided by OneStream, partners and the broader OneStream ecosystem. All OneStream-developed solutions are fully supported and available free of charge to active customers.

OneStream’s solution is ideally suited to mid-sized to large enterprises across all industries who require a unified, robust and complete CPM solution. The vendor employs a direct sales model alongside its partner network to support customers with implementation services. According to the vendor, more than 1,400 customers currently use OneStream, and the company is in a period of strong growth. OneStream is available for deployment in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

OneStream is a financial consolidation and planning platform with built-in financial data quality functionality that focuses on supporting the full range of CPM processes. The product provides a proprietary in-memory financial analytic engine with built-in financial intelligence (e.g., supporting complex financial consolidations) that uses ROLAP storage in Microsoft SQL Server. Company-wide consolidated financial results, statements and plans at subsidiary or group level can be created. In addition, Extensible Dimensionality® provides the ability to extend the account and other dimension structures to support both corporate and line-of-business financial and operational planning and reporting in one single solution.

Fully supported operational planning solutions in the Solution Exchange – including workforce, capital, cash and sales planning – feed into the financial model. Moreover, the empowerment of users with AI and ML for tasks such as predictions, scenario analyses and to automatically find insights and take actions is an important area of continued investment for OneStream. To create, maintain and deploy predictive models across financial and operational planning processes, OneStream offers several options. AI-enabled solutions such as Sensible ML offer scalable AI purpose-built for finance, operations and data science teams. Sensible ML provides a guided experience to build, deploy and consume time-series ML models for auto-generated forecasts inside OneStream.

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This year we had 22 responses from OneStream users. At the time of the survey, 18 percent were using version 6, 73 percent version 7 and 9 percent version 8.


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