Wolters Kluwer (WKL) offers enterprise-scale financial performance management (FPM) software solutions for the office of the CFO through its CCH® Tagetik expert solutions. The company is a global leader in professional information, software solutions and services for the following sectors: finance, tax and accounting; legal and regulatory; governance, risk and compliance; and healthcare.

The CCH Tagetik expert solution provides a unified web-based platform for financial corporate management (financial consolidation and close; budgeting, planning and forecasting; integrated business planning including S&OP and supply chain planning; profitability analysis; cash flow management; financial reporting and analytics), compliance regulatory reporting and disclosure management. Used by organizations of all sizes, it is particularly appealing to mid-sized and large companies (or groups of affiliated companies) with many users involved in corporate planning and/or financial consolidation processes. The comprehensive platform also extends into areas such as ESG & sustainability, IFRS 16, IFRS 17 and LDTI, solvency II, account reconciliation and iXBRL. In addition, the CCH Tagetik application marketplace includes predefined starter kits, pre-packages and tech solutions developed by partners as well as CCH Tagetik itself.

From a planning perspective, CCH Tagetik is focused on integrated financial and operational planning and budgeting, with top-down, bottom-up and mixed approaches all supported. CCH Tagetik contains a predefined model for integrated financial planning (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow) that can be used by individual subsidiaries or at group level. Consolidation of plans is possible thanks to integrated functionality for financial consolidation and close. Comprehensive workflow and governance functionality is available to control planning processes involving lots of users. The CCH Tagetik platform, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, was built with an open and extendable architecture based on a relational data model that supports implementations in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SAP HANA. Additionally, the Analytic Information Hub connects granular financial and operational data with more flexible and scalable possibilities in the context of open data modeling, FPM (e.g., regulatory reporting), operational planning and analytics.

In terms of analytics and reporting, CCH Tagetik pursues a twofold strategy. The product’s integrated functionality is geared to end-user self-service with on-screen display of reports and dashboards, dynamic self-service ad hoc reporting and analytics. These capabilities can be supplemented by third-party analytics products (OEM) from vendors such as Microsoft, SAP and Qlik.

User & Use Cases

71 percent of CCH Tagetik users are planning users – significantly above the survey average of 64 percent – reflecting the fact that CCH Tagetik is essentially an integrated platform for financial corporate management that includes strong planning and financial consolidation functionality. This is also reflected in its reported use cases. Customers leverage CCH Tagetik for financial planning (92 percent) and operational planning (72 percent). Here, planning takes place at different aggregation levels. CCH Tagetik is particularly used for budgeting (96 percent), strategic planning (88 percent) and forecasting (81 percent). Besides planning, customers mainly use it for standard/enterprise reporting (86 percent), ad hoc query (70 percent) and financial consolidation (66 percent). Plenty of respondents plan to use it for data analysis (27 percent), ad hoc query (23 percent) and dashboards/scorecards (22 percent) in the future.

CCH Tagetik targets mid-sized and large companies across all industries. 66 percent of our sample of CCH Tagetik customers come from large companies (with more than 2,500 employees) with a median of 101 users (including 90 using planning functionality), but the mean of 219 users (126 for planning) indicates there are also several larger implementations.

Current vs. planned use (planning use cases)


Current vs. planned use (besides planning)


Percentage of employees using CCH Tagetik


Planning users (as a percentage of all users)


Total number of users per company


Planning users per company


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Summary of CCH Tagetik highlights

With 26 top ranks and 49 leading positions across four different peer groups, Wolters Kluwer | CCH Tagetik once again achieves an outstanding set of results in this year’s Planning Survey. Convincing ratings in numerous important KPIs help to consolidate its position as a market-leading financial corporate management platform. Companies can benefit from using CCH Tagetik in terms of more precise/detailed planning, increased transparency of planning and increased planning frequency. Overall, these benefits lead to a better quality of planning results for many customers. 96 percent of CCH Tagetik users say they would “definitely” or “probably” recommend their planning product to other organizations – a great indicator of customer satisfaction.

Project Success – Top-ranked

Peer group: Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations

Product Satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer group: Business Software Generalists

Customer Satisfaction – Top-ranked

Peer group: Global Vendors

Ease of Use – Leader

Peer group: Global Vendors

Business Value – Top-ranked

Peer group: Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The Planning Survey results based on feedback from CCH Tagetik users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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Planning Survey 22 Awards

CCH Tagetik

Peer Groups Business Software Generalists, Financial Planning & Consolidation-Focused Products, Global Vendors, Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations
VendorWolters Kluwer
Number of responses32
ProductCCH Tagetik
OfficesWorldwide offices including Italy (HQ) and United States (HQ)
Employees19,000+ (Wolters Kluwer)
Customers1,500+ (CCH Tagetik)

Product Video

Screenshots from CCH Tagetik

Quotes from the Planning Survey 22

Continually improving and developing.
Line of business employee, manufacturing, 101 - 2500 employees
Strong company, platform and support
Services, more than 2500 employees
Extremely positive. I am really happy with the decision taken about implementing Tagetik in our organization.
Head of business department, 101 - 2500 employees
Tagetik is a powerful and adaptable planning solution that can cover a wide range of individual and complex planning needs.
IT employee, manufacturing, more than 2500 employees
It‘s a great tool that makes your work easier
Line of business employee, transport, more than 2500 employees