Yellowfin BI

Started in 2003 with the belief that traditional BI had become too complex and too expensive, Australia-based Yellowfin focuses on making BI as easy as possible for BI content consumers. Yellowfin initially targeted the embedded market, helping other vendors integrate prebuilt BI functionality into their own software applications.

Today, more than 250 partners and resellers generate 80 percent of Yellowfin’s revenues and serve as the company’s primary go-to-market channel.

Yellowfin’s headquarters and product development teams are based in Melbourne, Australia. The vendor offers a Web-based BI platform providing features for traditional reporting, data discovery, dashboards, collaboration and embedding. The solution has a modern look and feel, which makes it easy for business users to create their own reports and dashboards.

User & Use Cases

Usage statistics demonstrate the breadth of Yellowfin’s solution, which provides capabilities for standard reporting, dashboarding, ad hoc query and reporting as well as basic data analysis. Quite a few customers plan to use the solution in the future for advanced analysis and as a reporting and analysis solution in their planning processes.

Company size and user numbers show that Yellowfin has a strong footprint in mid-sized and smaller enterprises with small user groups.

Most of its customers use Yellowfin on a subscription licensing basis. Yellowfin is used by an average of 37 percent of employees in its customer companies, well above The BI Survey average of 17 percent. This confirms that customers choosing the solution do a good job in promoting it to users within the enterprise.

Current vs. planned use

N = 38

5 products most often evaluated in competition with Yellowfin

N = 84

Percentage of employees using Yellowfin

N = 36

Licensing models

N = 36

Number of users using Yellowfin

N = 37

Tasks carried out with Yellowfin by business users

N = 35

Company size (number of employees)

N = 36

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Yellowfin BI

Peer Groups Americas-focused vendors, Dashboarding-focused products, Self-service reporting-focused products
Number of responses38
OfficesMelbourne, Australia (HQ); USA; Brazil; South Africa; Philippines, UK, Japan
Revenues (2015)Not disclosed