[The BI & Analytics Survey 21 results, not included in The BI & Analytics Survey 22] The Yellowfin platform is a mature, user-friendly BI suite with integrated modules for diverse tasks including data preparation, analysis, report building and dashboards as well as alerting and data storytelling. It offers engaging visualization, collaboration and interactive presentation features that demonstrate the company’s emphasis and experience in making analytics and BI content consumption as easy as possible while reaching as many users as possible.

Started in 2003 with the belief that traditional BI had become too complex and too expensive, Australia‑based Yellowfin is focused on making BI as easy as possible for BI end users and decision-makers. Yellowfin initially targeted the market for embedded BI by helping other vendors integrate sophisticated BI functionality into their own applications. With more than 190 employees, the company’s strategy of growing through local partnerships demonstrates its success with customers distributed around the globe. The expansion of its direct geographical presence to further support channel partners is ongoing. Today, more than 500 partners and resellers sell the Yellowfin platform.

Yellowfin is a completely web-based platform that deploys on-premises and in the cloud via the Amazon and Azure marketplaces based on the bring your own license (BYOL) model. The suite consists of the following integrated modules: Yellowfin Signals, Yellowfin Present, Yellowfin Data Discovery, Yellowfin Dashboards and Yellowfin Data Prep.

Yellowfin is constantly enhancing its product to add value for business users by delivering relevant information in context and more quickly. The vendor launched ‘Signals’ in 2019 to provide users with automated alerts on data. Signals is an ML-based alerting service that detects relevant insights in data and predicts upcoming occurrences – the goal is to provide highly relevant and personalized insights with minimal effort. More recently, Yellowfin introduced ‘Present’ as a successor to ‘Stories’ to enhance the interactive presentation of narratives to users and to incorporate third-party content such as Tableau, Qlik or Power BI reports to combine and present analytics content from various tools in a single place. A new mobile app for improved content consumption has also been launched.

User & Use Cases

Yellowfin has invested heavily in upgrading dashboards in recent years to enhance the support for its top use case. The vendor has a strong footprint in mid-sized companies with small to mid-sized usage scenarios. However, the mean of 180 users shows that there are also some larger deployments.
On average, 30 percent of employees within customer companies use Yellowfin, which is much higher than the average for all products in this survey (17 percent). This speaks to the vendor’s ability to promote the solution within the enterprise as well as provide a solution that can be embedded or used in operational usage scenarios.

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Number of responses30
ProductYellowfin Suite
OfficesAustralia (Melbourne (HQ), Sydney); USA (Ketchum, Idaho); UK (Milton Keynes); Brazil (Porto Alegre); South Africa (Johannesburg); Japan (Tokyo, Osaka)
Revenues (2019)Undisclosed