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Prevero was originally founded as a consultancy in 1994. The company, now known as Unit4 Prevero, is based in Munich, Germany, and has approximately 250 employees as well as an international partner network. In recent years, Unit4 Prevero has grown into one of the largest CPM vendors in the DACH region in terms of software revenues, and claims to have a client base of 600 customers. Its growth has been largely organic but was also boosted considerably by the acquisition of software vendors Winterheller in 2011 and MIK in 2015. In 2016 Prevero itself agreed to be acquired by Unit4, a Dutch provider of enterprise applications (e.g., ERP) for service organizations.

For historical reasons, Unit4 Prevero has a strong focus on the utilities sector and offers pre-built content specifically for this industry. Approximately 20 percent of its clients come from this sector. Despite this, Unit4 Prevero positions itself as industry-neutral and now wins more new clients outside the utilities sector. Additional predefined industry and business applications are available for areas such as project performance management, strategic controlling, and risk and opportunity management.

The basis of Unit4 Prevero’s applications is the flexible Unit4 Prevero platform technology, which can be used for various BI and CPM use cases. Unit4 Prevero is targeted at business users who build BI and CPM applications with the help of wizards. The product provides a flexible development environment for building individual applications for planning, reporting and analysis, which is supported by dialog boxes and requires no knowledge of scripting.

Unit4 Prevero provides comprehensive capabilities for supporting top-down, bottom-up and mixed planning processes. Planners can enter budget data in the full client, HTML5 web client or Excel add-in. Aside from customized planning applications, Unit4 Prevero also offers a financial planning module for companies across all industries. Furthermore, broad functionality is available for reporting and application creation with a tabular grid that closely resembles Excel in the full client. For consolidation purposes, Unit4 Prevero was reinforced by an OEM solution which was recently replaced by its own in-house developed Unit4 Prevero Consolidation. The consolidation application not only includes legal consolidation covering several consolidation standards but also offers reporting capabilities and predefined disclosure statements. For data storage and navigation, Unit4 Prevero uses a ROLAP approach and offers typical OLAP navigation capabilities in its clients.

As of 2018, the Unit4 Prevero CPM platform has integrated artificial intelligence based on multi-level neural networks. Users are assisted by deep learning functions while building forecasts and detecting deviations or anomalies in data entry.

User & Use Cases

Besides planning, customers mainly use Unit4 Prevero for standard/enterprise reporting (80 percent) and ad hoc query and reporting (68 percent). 68 percent of respondents plan to use it for dashboards/scorecards and 60 percent for advanced analysis in the future. Unit4 Prevero targets mid-sized companies and large corporations across all industries. 71 percent of our sample of Unit4 Prevero customers come from mid-sized companies (100-2,500 employees) with a median of 50 users (with 30 of them using planning functionality), but the mean of 82 users (49 for planning) indicates there are also some larger implementations. 65 percent of Unit4 Prevero users are planning users – just above the survey average of 63 percent – reflecting the fact that Unit4 Prevero is essentially an integrated tool with strong planning but also BI functionality.

Current vs. planned use (besides planning)


Percentage of employees using Unit 4 Prevero


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Unit4 Prevero

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