TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Software, Inc. was founded in 1997 as a provider of enterprise application integration solutions. The company acquired Spotfire, a producer of analytics software, in 2007. In April 2014, TIBCO acquired Jaspersoft, an open-source BI tools provider, primarily for its embedded capabilities.

The vendor now offers two BI and analytic environments: TIBCO Spotfire for visual analysis, and Jaspersoft/Visualize.js, a reporting and embedded BI toolset. In mid-2014 TIBCO was sold to the private equity firm Vista Equity Partners, who took TIBCO private by the end of 2014. TIBCO now has about 4,000 employees.

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform (TIBCO Spotfire) is a business intelligence solution geared to visual and advanced (statistical) analysis as well as the design of interactive dashboard applications. TIBCO Spotfire applications are optimized to deliver good performance through the product’s integrated in-memory data storage or by using in-database options in combination with third-party storage technologies.

TIBCO Jaspersoft is a solution for standard and ad hoc reporting. It is strongly focused on embedding scenarios. For instance, its Visualize.js module is a JavaScript framework for embedding interactive visualizations in apps.

User & Use Cases

TIBCO has quite interesting demographics compared to other vendors in The BI Survey 16. On the one hand, its customer size and user numbers show that the vendor sells almost exclusively into large accounts and its product is deployed in very large scenarios. The mean number of users indicates that it has some accounts running into thousands of users.

However, Spotfire ranks below average in terms of the percentage of employees using the product, and it also typically has an above average proportion of users performing data modeling and/or enrichment.

This information combined with typical usage for dashboards, ad hoc query, basic data analysis and a high percentage of advanced analysis users indicates that many of this year’s survey respondents use Spotfire in operational use cases. In these scenarios, power users usually query and analyze data and prepare interactive dashboard applications for operational staff, who navigate them to perform their daily business tasks.

Current vs. planned use

N = 28

5 products most often evaluated in competition with TIBCO

N = 144

Percentage of employees using TIBCO

N = 28

Licensing models

N = 24

Number of users using TIBCO

N = 21

Tasks carried out with TIBCO by business users

N = 18

Company size (number of employees)

N = 28

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TIBCO Spotfire

Peer Groups Dashboarding-focused products, Large international BI vendors, Visual data discovery-focused products
VendorTIBCO Software Inc.
Number of responses28
Employees3,600 (approx. 300 for TIBCO Spotfire)
CustomersApprox. 5,000
Revenues (2015)Not disclosed
Web sitewww.tibco.com