Founded in 2016, Synabi is a German technology and service provider with headquarters in Munich. The company currently has around 50 employees and operates mainly in the DACH region. Originally a spin-off of a consulting company, Synabi started out with customers in the banking sector before branching out into other industries. The company currently offers a data governance solution based on a data catalog, business and technical consulting, and educational services.

D-QUANTUM (V4) is a data catalog and business glossary solution used by both IT and business users. It was initially developed as project solution and then brought to the next level as a highly configurable tool that grows with the customer. D-QUANTUM Connect is the component that connects to technical metadata sources. Coming from cataloging of technical metadata to an advanced and flexible business glossary, D-QUANTUM’s easy-to-use interface supports data governance-related use cases, providing business lineage and workflows to ensure the quality of manually curated data. Synabi also provides business and technical consulting, mainly in support of D-QUANTUM implementations and to help maximize the benefit and the time-to-value of the tool.

D-QUANTUM is a web-based data catalog with a PostgreSQL database. It is available on-premises, as a service or in hybrid scenarios. Although most customers currently operate the software on-premises, there is a growing trend towards the cloud (AWS and MS Azure). Instead of providing a comprehensive list of standard connectors, Synabi facilitates custom-built connectivity, which is requested in many projects. The basic connection to other systems is done via D-QUANTUM Connect, which supports asynchronous exchange of CSV, XML, JSON and JDBC and provides an SDK. Real-time exchange to other systems is provided via REST API. Other connectors are also available (e.g., to BI tools).

Synabi provides an open and extendable metadata model to store various technical metadata objects gathered from source systems or used by D-QUANTUM Connect. A flexible out-of-the-box business model can be adapted or redesigned by customers.

Synabi offers extensive data cataloging and data governance capabilities. Once the metadata has been read in, users can satisfy their information needs via a user-friendly interface. Extensive search functions and a business glossary enable users to search for assets by subject. For transparency of data, the solution supports impact and lineage analyses, among other things. Synabi focuses on metadata and not on real data.

The solution can be integrated with surrounding processes and tools to support direct data access if required. The platform takes care of data management and security. D-QUANTUM supports customizable role-specific and individual views on metadata (with some built-in roles, such as owner and steward), but the meta model stays the same for all users.

The next major release will be D-QUANTUM V5. Synabi is building a new foundation to offer greater flexibility, provide a better user experience and improve performance. The new version will bring a more flexible approach to feature bundling and connectivity is being extended.

User & Use Cases

94 percent of companies use D-QUANTUM as a data governance solution and 66 percent use it for ‘Data Stewardship/Data Quality Management’. A little surprisingly, 16 percent deploy it for data virtualization and 9 percent as a data lake. D-QUANTUM is a tool for metadata management and does not store actual operational data. It is a purely metadata-based tool for cataloging, monitoring and data quality monitoring. However, this may also mean that customers use D-QUANTUM as a tool for these use cases to model and coordinate data sources and their data. In addition, it is also positive to see that 28 percent of respondents use Synabi as a ‘Holistic Data Platform’, which indicates that users have access to, or at least get information about, all company data. Most customers are in medium-sized companies, but 34 percent are from large companies. The median of 50 users suggests that the tool is used more by data experts than by business users in general. However, the mean of 106 users per company shows that higher numbers of users can be served by the tool. The average of 4 administrators per implementation is quite high considering the reported numbers of users. However, survey participants may have counted content supervisors as well as technical administrators.

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Summary of Synabi highlights

Synabi’s adaptable data governance and data catalog tool D-QUANTUM achieved six leading positions and a top rank in this year’s Data Management Survey. On the flipside, customers also gave it some poor ratings. Synabi is already aware of these downsides and is addressing them in major tool enhancements scheduled for release in 2021 to extend functionality, performance and innovation. The majority of users particularly like the openness of the tool and its ease of use for business users. Moreover, 68 percent cited Synabi’s local presence and good support as key reasons for choosing the software. This fits into the picture that Synabi addresses real customers’ needs by providing a highly adaptable tool and professional services.

Connectivity – Top-ranked

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Customer Satisfaction – Leader

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Price to Value – Leader

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Product Satisfaction – Leader

Peer group: Data Governance Products

Support Quality – Leader

Peer group: Data Governance Products

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BARC’s Vendor Performance Summary contains an overview of The Data Management Survey results based on feedback from Synabi users, accompanied by expert analyst commentary.

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Peer Groups Data Governance Products
Number of responses32
ProductSynabi D-QUANTUM
Employees50 approx.
Customers25 approx.
Revenues (2020)Not disclosed

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Tolle Beratung und Unterstützung in der Entscheidungsfindung. Exzellente Hilfestellung in allen Fragen rund um das Tool, aber auch vertragliche Aspekte sowie Ausarbeitung einer geeigneten Roadmap zur Einführung. Man fühlt wirklich Herzblut hinter der Sache und dem Produkt. Super Fach- und Technikwissen sowie Marktkenntnisse. Immer lösungsorientiert und produktiv. Wir hoffen auf lange unternehmerische Zusammenarbeit! Macht viel Spaß mit dem Team von Synabi.
Chief Data Officer, banking and finance, 100-2,500 employees
Durch die Einführung von D-QUANTUM zur Dokumentation und Verfügbarkeit von Metadaten hat die Akzeptanz für Data Governance-Prozesse im Unternehmen stark zugenommen. Die Software bietet einen hohen Freiheitsgrad in der Konfiguration und ist ausgezeichnet skalierbar.
Chief Data Officer, banking and finance, more than 2,500 employees
Grafische Visualisierung und Übersichtlichkeit der einzelnen Funktionalitäten. Schnelle Einarbeitung in das Tool möglich. Flexible Nutzung durch Draft Automation.
Chief Data Officer, banking and finance, 100-2,500 employees
Höchst professionelles Unternehmen, es setzt sich mit der Software deutlich als fachlich orientiert von Mitbewerbern ab.
External consultant, banking and finance, less than 100 employees
Die fachliche Ausrichtung im Sinne Data-Governance- Anforderungen, d.h. der Anwender braucht für die Nutzung keine tiefgreifenden technischen Fähigkeiten. Für die Akzeptanz der Fachbereiche über jede Hierarchie hinweg ein sehr wirksames Tool, um eine Datenkultur zu entwickeln/zu unterstützen.
External consultant, banking and finance, less than 100 employees